Nationals 8, Rangers 2W: Hughes (1-0); L: Wilson (0-1)


Nationals first: Wilkerson grounded out. Carroll singled. Guillen singled, Carroll to second. Johnson singled to left, Carroll scored, Guillen to second. Byrd singled to left, Guillen scored, Johnson to second. Church grounded into a double play, Byrd out. Nationals, 2-0.

Nationals fourth: Church grounded out. Spivey flied out. Bennett infield single. Guzman singled, Bennett to second. Wilkerson singled to center, Bennett scored, Guzman to second. On Nix's error, Guzman to third. Brocail pitching. Carroll struck out.Nationals, 3-0.

Rangers fifth: Hidalgo homered to left. Alomar Jr. grounded out. Dellucci struck out. Hughes pitching. M.Young struck out. Nationals, 3-1.

Nationals eighth: Johnson hit by a pitch. Byrd flied out. Church singled, Johnson to second. Standridge pitching. Spivey doubled to right, Johnson scored, Church to third. Schneider pinch-hitting for Bennett, intentionally walked. Guzman grounded into fielder's choice, Church out, Spivey to third, Schneider to second. Wilkerson doubled to right, Spivey, Schneider, Guzman scored. Carroll singled to center, Wilkerson scored. Guillen infield single, Carroll to second. Johnson lined out. Nationals, 8-1.

Rangers eighth: Dellucci grounded out. M.Young grounded out. Teixeira homered to right. Blalock popped out. Nationals, 8-2.

WashingtonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals408158110 -- Wilkerson cf513400.278Carroll 3b513102.259JGuillen rf512003.288NJohnson 1b311100.323Byrd dh501101.310Church lf501001.318Spivey 2b511103.223GBennett c312000.250Schneider ph-c010010.249CGuzman ss411000.207TexasABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3227219 -- Dellucci dh401002.250MYoung ss400002.317Teixeira 1b311100.296Blalock 3b400001.286ASoriano 2b403001.300Mench lf300012.300Nix cf401000.240Hidalgo rf311100.229SAlomar c300001.313Washington

200100050 -- 8150Texas

000010010 -- 271 E: Nix (1). LOB: Washington 8, Texas 5. 2B: Wilkerson (26), Spivey (9). HR: Teixeira (20), off Ayala; Hidalgo (13), off SKim. RBI: Wilkerson 4 (25), Carroll (9), NJohnson (40), Byrd (12), Spivey (21), Teixeira (56), Hidalgo (34). GIDP: Byrd, Church, Nix, Hidalgo.

DP: Washington 2 (Spivey, CGuzman and NJohnson), (CGuzman, Spivey and NJohnson); Texas 2 (Teixeira, MYoung and Wilson), (MYoung, ASoriano and Teixeira).

WashingtonIP HRERBBSONPERASKim4C31115872.81Hughes, W1B10003160.00Ayala2 21101232.36Majewski1 1000062.53TexasIP HRERBBSONPERAWilson, L3C93302795.40Brocail3B10006494.66BShouseB1220073.55StandridgeC433102140.5FCordero1 00002163.90 Inherited runners-scored: Brocail 2-0, Standridge 2-1.

IBB: off Standridge (Schneider) 1. HBP: by BShouse (NJohnson), by Wilson (NJohnson), by SKim (Teixeira).

T: 2:59. A: 34,474 (49,115).