Nationals 7, Pirates 4W: L. Hernandez (10-2); L: M. Redman (4-5); S: C. Cordero (22)


Nationals first: Wilkerson grounded out. Byrd struck out. Guillen homered to center. Johnson doubled. Castilla grounded out. Nationals, 1-0.

Pirates first: Lawton struck out. T. Redman singled. Bay singled, T. Redman to second. Ward flied out. Mackowiak singled to center, T. Redman scored, Bay to third. Castillo flied out. Tied, 1-1.

Nationals second: Spivey singled. Schneider singled, Spivey to third. Guzman doubled to center, Spivey, Schneider scored. Hernandez sacrificed, Guzman to third. Wilkerson walked. Byrd struck out. Guzman caught stealing. Nationals, 3-1.

Nationals fourth: Spivey singled. Schneider singled, Spivey to second. Guzman grounded into fielder's choice, Spivey to third, Schneider out. Hernandez sacrificed, Guzman to second. Wilkerson singled to left, Spivey, Guzman scored. Byrd flied out. Nationals, 5-1.

Nationals fifth: Guillen homered to center. Johnson grounded out. Castilla struck out. Spivey struck out. Nationals, 6-1.

Pirates seventh: Ward singled. Mackowiak singled, Ward to second. Castillo safe on fielder's choice and Castilla's error, Ward to third, Mackowiak to second. J. Wilson singled to left, Ward, Mackowiak scored, Castillo to second. Doumit pinch hitting for Ross, grounded into fielder's choice, Castillo to third, J. Wilson out. Hill pinch hitting for M. Redman, grounded out, 1B Johnson unassisted, Castillo scored, Doumit to second. Lawton fouled out. Nationals, 6-4.

Nationals ninth: Guzman tripled. Baerga pinch hitting for Majewski, grounded out. Wilkerson intentionally walked. Church pinch hitting for Byrd, singled to center, Guzman scored, Wilkerson to second. Guillen grounded into a double play, Church out. Nationals, 7-4.

WashingtonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals34712736 -- Wilkerson cf301221.279Byrd lf400002.297Church ph-lf101100.323JGuillen rf522200.290NJohnson 1b401001.322Castilla 3b400001.258Spivey 2b322011.229Schneider c413000.260CGuzman ss422200.212LHernandez p100000.200Majewski p000000.000Baerga ph100000.259CCordero p000000---PittsburghABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals34410415 -- Lawton rf200011.263TRedman cf411000.278Bay lf401001.298Ward 1b413000.285Mackowiak 3b412101.323Castillo 2b410000.259JWilson ss402200.236Ross c200001.194Doumit ph-c201000.268MRedman p200000.100Hill ph100100.225STorres p000000.000Cota ph100001.252Washington

120210001 -- 7121Pittsburgh

100000300 -- 4100 E: Castilla (4). LOB: Washington 5, Pittsburgh 5. 2B: NJohnson (19), CGuzman (6), Ward (14). 3B: CGuzman (3). HR: JGuillen 2 (13), off MRedman 2. RBI: Wilkerson 2 (27), Church (27), JGuillen 2 (37), CGuzman 2 (13), Mackowiak (35), JWilson 2 (15), Hill (10). CS: CGuzman (4). S: LHernandez 2. GIDP: JGuillen, LHernandez, TRedman, Bay, Mackowiak, Ross.

DP: Washington 4 (CGuzman, Spivey and NJohnson), (Spivey, CGuzman and NJohnson), (Castilla, Spivey and NJohnson), (LHernandez, Spivey and NJohnson); Pittsburgh 3 (Ross, Castillo, Ward, Castillo and Ross), (Ross, JWilson and Castillo), (Mackowiak, Castillo and Ward).

WashingtonIP HRERBBSONPERALHernandez, W7 842121073.38Majewski1 10002172.45CCordero, S1 10001201.03PittsburghIP HRERBBSONPERAMRedman, L7 1066161003.14STorres2 21120332.64 IBB: off STorres (Wilkerson) 1. HBP: by LHernandez (Lawton).

T: 2:40. A: 21,893 (38,496).