Braves 5 W: Vasquez (1-0)

L: Williams (4-4)Orioles 4


Braves seventh: Betemit doubled. LaRoche pinch-hitting for Foster, singled to center, Betemit scored. Orr pinch-running for LaRoche. Furcal sacrificed, Orr to second. Johnson intentionally walked. On Julio's wild pitch, Orr to third, Johnson to second. Giles walked. On Julio's wild pitch, Orr scored, Johnson to third. A. Jones singled to center, Johnson scored, Giles to third. Kline pitching. Franco infield single to third, Giles scored, A. Jones to second. Jordan flied out. Estrada lined out. Braves, 4-0.

Orioles eighth: Roberts singled. Matos struck out. Tejada singled, Roberts to second. Palmeiro popped out. Sosa walked, Roberts to third, Tejada to second. Reitsma pitching. Bigbie walked, Roberts scored, Tejada to third, Sosa to second. Gomez grounded into fielder's choice. Braves, 4-1.

Orioles ninth: Fasano singled. Newhan singled, Fasano to second. Roberts singled to right, Fasano scored, Newhan to second. Matos bunt single, Newhan to third, Roberts to second. On Betemit's error, Newhan scored. Tejada grounded into fielder's choice, Roberts to third, Matos out. Palmeiro singled to center, Roberts scored, Tejada to second. Vasquez pitching. Sosa walked, Tejada to third, Palmeiro to second. Gil pinch-hitting for Ryan, grounded into a double play. Tied, 4-4.

Braves ninth: A. Jones homered to left. Braves, 5-4.

BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals37412356 -- BRoberts 2b523100.361Matos cf501002.289Tejada ss502001.318RPalmeiro 1b501100.264SSosa rf301020.243Bigbie lf200121.266BRyan p000000---GGil ph100000.207Williams p000000---Gomez 3b401000.300Fasano c412002.296BChen p100010.333Ray p000000---Gibbons ph100000.268Julio p000000---Kline p000000---Newhan lf111000.204AtlantaABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals34511448 -- Furcal ss401000.223Johnson lf411012.243MGiles 2b210031.282AJones cf513201.275JuFranco 1b402101.270BJordan rf400001.236Reitsma p000000---Vasquez p000000---JEstrada c401000.274Betemit 3b412001.330Colon p200001.000Boyer p000000---Foster p000000---LaRoche ph101100.257Orr pr010000.317Brower p000000.000Langerhans rf000000.241Baltimore

000000013 -- 4120Atlanta

000000401 -- 5111 No outs when winning run scored.

E: Betemit (6). LOB: Baltimore 11, Atlanta 11. 2B: BRoberts (18), Betemit (10). HR: AJones (23), off Williams. RBI: BRoberts (42), RPalmeiro (35), Bigbie (15), AJones 2 (52), JuFranco (16), LaRoche (43). S: Furcal. GIDP: BRoberts, GGil.

DP: Atlanta 2 (MGiles, Furcal and JuFranco), (Furcal, MGiles and JuFranco).

BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERABChen4C50023703.54Ray1B00003161.42JulioB34420244.04KlineC10000145.00BRyan1 10002241.82Williams, L0 1110043.67AtlantaIP HRERBBSONPERAColon6 40014856.38BoyerC10011171.29FosterB0000033.07BrowerC21111205.97ReitsmaC53310303.60Vasquez, WC00010113.00 Williams pitched to 1 batter in the 9th.

Inherited runners-scored: Ray 1-0, Kline 2-1, Reitsma 3-1, Vasquez 2-0, Foster 2-0.

IBB: off Julio (Johnson) 1. HBP: by BRyan (Langerhans). WP: Julio 2.

T: 3:18. A: 44,106 (50,091).