Talkbackers are giddy over the Nationals' first-place standing as we approach the last week of June. Who would have thunk it?

You predict 14-2 for the Redskins? Come on; those are championship type numbers. The Redskins will be good this year, better than last, but nowhere near the level you're predicting even with a relatively soft schedule. I'll write back to you after loss No. 3, about the time the leaves have turned a lovely shade of burgundy and gold.

Arthur Negrin, Fairfax

I admit getting carried away at minicamp last Friday and by the NFL taking away three practice days because the Redskins were "too aggressive" in voluntary workouts. Too aggressive is good.

Many Sunday mornings I've been left shaking my head over one or more absurd statements in your column. However, your statement that "the Orioles . . . must improve marketing in Baltimore to increase attendance" sets a new standard for sophistry and hypocrisy.

As a longtime Orioles season ticket holder, this season I already have been part of the two smallest crowds in the history of Camden Yards. There is one clear reason for the Orioles' attendance problems: the Washington Nationals. It was obvious to those of us in the stands that in the past at least a quarter of the Orioles attendance was from the immediate D.C. area. Those people are now split between the Orioles and Nationals. Further, I have a number of friends in Washington law and lobbying firms. Without exception, those firms have switched their season tickets from the Orioles to the Nationals.

Whatever one may think of Peter Angelos, he was right that the move would have a negative effect on the Orioles franchise.

Robert Hardy, Potomac

Please. The main reason O's home attendance has declined over the past five years was the poor performance by the team. This year, the team is playing better and attendance will improve, as it did last weekend.

I agree with your point that Nationals radio would be improved with a longer postgame show with interviews with the players and manager. So would the fledgling MASN. Right now I am watching a pregame show for the Angels on DirecTV. Why can't MASN do similar shows?

Christopher Jerry, Washington

The Nationals' radio and television pregame and postgame shows need work. Still, we're in the first year of this operation.