Blue Jays 9, Nationals 5W: Speier (1-1)

L: Ayala (6-4)

S: M. Batista (14)


Blue Jays first: Johnson walked. Catalanotto was hit by a pitch, Johnson to second. Wells fouled out, Johnson to third. Hillenbrand safe on fielder's choice and Bennett's error, Johnson scored, Catalanotto to second. Hill struck out. Hinske struck out. Blue Jays, 1-0.

Nationals third: Wilkerson grounded out. Spivey homered to left. Guillen doubled to left. Guillen stole third. Johnson safe on failed fielder's choice, Guillen scored. Byrd grounded into a double play. Nationals, 2- 1.

Blue Jays fifth: Zaun grounded out. Hudson homered to right. Johnson walked. Catalanotto singled, Johnson to second. Wells walked, Johnson to third, Catalanotto to second. Hillenbrand doubled to right, Johnson scored, Catalanotto scored, Wells to third. Carrasco pitching. Hill was hit by a pitch. On Carrasco's wild pitch, Wells scored, Hillenbrand to third, Hill to second. Hinske struck out. Blue Jays, 5-2.

Nationals sixth: Byrd doubled. Castilla grounded into fielder's choice, Byrd out. Chulk pitching. Bennett walked, Castilla to second. Baerga pinch-hitting for Guzman. Baerga walked, Castilla to third, Bennett to second. Carroll pinch-hitting for Carrasco. Carroll grounded into fielder's choice, Castilla scored, Bennett to third, Baerga out. Wilkerson struck out. Blue Jays, 5-3.

Nationals seventh: Spivey walked. Guillen popped out. Spivey stole second. Johnson walked. Speier pitching. Byrd struck out. Castilla doubled to left, Spivey scored, Johnson scored. Bennett struck out. Tied, 5-5.

Blue Jays eighth: Hinske doubled. Zaun struck out. Hudson homered, Hinske scored. Gross lined out. Johnson struck out. Blue Jays, 7-5.

Blue Jays ninth: Rios doubled. Wells singled to left, Rios scored. On Kim's error on a pickoff attempt, Wells to second. Hillenbrand walked. Hill flied out, Wells to third. Hinske hit a sacrifice fly, Wells scored. Zaun singled, Hillenbrand to second. Hudson flied out to center fielder Wilkerson. Blue Jays, 9-5.

TorontoABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3699758 -- Johnson rf220031.263MBatista p000000---Catalanotto lf311000.298Chulk p000000---Speier p000000---Rios rf111000.283VWells cf421111.254Hillenbrand 3b401211.304AHill ss400001.353Hinske 1b411103.247Zaun c502001.262OHudson 2b522300.241Chacin p300000.000Gross lf100000.208WashingtonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3356578 -- Wilkerson cf400012.267Spivey 2b421110.243JGuillen rf511000.301NJohnson 1b210121.320Ayala p000000.000SKim p000000.000Blanco ph100001.262Byrd lf401001.292Castilla 3b412200.259GBennett c301011.253CGuzman ss100010.200Baerga ph000010.268Hughes p000000---WCordero 1b100001.038Armas Jr. p200001.067HCarrasco p000000---Carroll ph-ss200100.253Toronto

100040022 -- 990Washington

002001200 -- 562 E: SKim (1), GBennett (5). LOB: Toronto 8, Washington 8. 2B: Rios (14), Hillenbrand (15), Hinske (13), JGuillen (15), Byrd (4), Castilla (18). HR: OHudson 2 (6), off Ayala, Armas Jr.; Spivey (7), off Chacin. RBI: VWells (37), Hillenbrand 2 (35), Hinske (33), OHudson 3 (33), Spivey (22), NJohnson (42), Castilla 2 (36), Carroll (10). SB: Spivey (9), JGuillen (1). SF: Hinske. GIDP: Byrd.

DP: Toronto 1 (Hillenbrand, OHudson and Hinske).

TorontoIP HRERBBSONPERAChacin5B533321043.40Chulk1 02241314.00Speier, WC10002173.21MBatista, S2 00003302.43WashingtonIP HRERBBSONPERAArmas Jr.4C35435825.44HCarrasco1B10011212.08Hughes1 00000100.00Ayala, L1 22202172.93SKim1 32210273.71 Inherited runners-scored: Chulk 1-1, Speier 2-2, HCarrasco 2-1.

HBP: by HCarrasco (AHill), by Armas Jr. (Catalanotto). WP: HCarrasco. PB: GBennett.

T: 3:42. A: 33,557 (45,250).