Braves 8, Orioles 1W: Smoltz (8-5); L: R. Lopez (7-3)


Braves first: Furcal singled. Furcal stole second. Johnson walked. Giles struck out. A.Jones singled to left, Furcal scored, Johnson to second. Johnson was out advancing. LaRoche struck out. Braves, 1- 0.

Braves second: Betemit struck out. Langerhans singled. McCann singled, Langerhans to third. McCann to second. Smoltz struck out. Furcal tripled to right, Langerhans scored, McCann scored. Johnson grounded out. Braves, 3-0.

Orioles fifth: Palmeiro homered. Gibbons struck out. Gomez grounded out. Bigbie flied out. Braves, 3- 1.

Braves sixth: Giles grounded out. A.Jones homered to center. LaRoche singled. Betemit grounded into fielder's choice, LaRoche out. Betemit stole second. Langerhans grounded out. Braves, 4-1.

Braves eighth: Giles doubled. Giles stole third. A.Jones struck out. LaRoche was intentionally walked. Betemit singled to center, Giles scored, LaRoche to second. Langerhans singled, LaRoche to third, Betemit to second. McCann singled to right, LaRoche scored, Betemit scored, Langerhans to third. Smoltz doubled to right, Langerhans scored, McCann to third. McCann was out advancing. Baldwin pitching. Furcal popped out. Braves, 8-1.

BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3215107 -- BRoberts 2b402000.363Matos cf400001.280Tejada ss401000.317RPalmeiro 1b411100.264Gibbons rf401002.268Gomez 3b300000.291Bigbie lf300001.261GGil c200000.202Newhan ph100001.202Fasano c000000.296RLopez p200001.000Kline p000000---Marrero ph100001.193SReed p000000---Baldwin p000000.000AtlantaABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals34813827 -- Furcal ss512201.226Johnson lf300011.234MGiles 2b411001.281AJones cf412201.278LaRoche 1b311011.258Betemit 3b411101.327Langerhans rf422000.248McCann c413200.348Smoltz p301101.162Baltimore

000010000 -- 150Atlanta

12000104x -- 8130 LOB: Baltimore 4, Atlanta 5. 2B: Gibbons (20), MGiles (22), Smoltz (1). 3B: Furcal (6). HR: AJones (24), off RLopez; RPalmeiro (11), off Smoltz. RBI: RPalmeiro (36), Furcal 2 (26), AJones 2 (54), Betemit (9), McCann 2 (4), Smoltz (1). SB: Furcal (25), MGiles (10), Betemit (1). S: Smoltz.

BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERARLopez, L6 74415944.47Kline1 10001164.82SReedC54411207.39BaldwinB0000020.68AtlantaIP HRERBBSONPERASmoltz, W9 511071182.74 Inherited runners-scored: Baldwin 1-0.

IBB: off SReed (LaRoche) 1.

T: 2:28. A: 37,157 (50,091).