Yankees 6, Orioles 4W: Sturtze (2-1); L: Kline (2-3); S: M. Rivera (17)


Orioles third: Bigbie homered. Roberts was hit by a pitch. Roberts was caught stealing. Matos grounded out. Tejada lined. Orioles, 1-0.

Yankees fourth: Matsui grounded out. Posada walked. Giambi singled, Posada to third. Sierra hit a sacrifice fly, Posada scored. Womack grounded into fielder's choice, Giambi out. Tied, 1-1.

Orioles fourth: Palmeiro singled. Sosa grounded into a double play. Gibbons singled. On Pavano's balk, Gibbons to second. Gomez singled to right, Gibbons scored. Gomez to second. Fasano grounded out. Orioles, 2-1.

Orioles fifth: Bigbie doubled. Roberts doubled, Bigbie scored. Matos sacrificed, Roberts to third. Tejada hit a sacrifice fly, Roberts scored. Palmeiro doubled. Sosa grounded out. Orioles, 4-1.

Yankees sixth: A.Rodriguez grounded out. Matsui singled. Posada struck out. Giambi walked, Matsui to second. Sierra singled, Matsui scored, Giambi to second. Martinez pinch-hitting for Womack. Martinez walked, Giambi to third, Sierra to second. Ray pitching. Jeter walked, Giambi scored, Sierra to third, Reese to second. On Fasano's passed ball, Sierra scored, Reese to third, Jeter to second. Cano grounded out. Tied, 4-4.

Yankees eighth: Posada singled. On Kline's balk, Posada to second. Julio pitching. Giambi was intentionally walked. Sierra grounded into fielder's choice, Posada to third, Giambi out. Williams pinch-hitting for Reese. Williams hit a sacrifice fly, Posada scored. Jeter grounded into fielder's choice, Sierra out. Yankees, 5-4.

Yankees ninth: Cano singled. On Sosa's error, Cano to second. Sheffield singled, Cano scored. On Fasano's passed ball, Sheffield to second. A.Rodriguez flied out. Matsui was intentionally walked. Posada struck out. Giambi struck out. Yankees, 6-4.

New YorkABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3267598 -- Jeter ss400111.305Cano 2b511001.279Sheffield dh401111.304ARodriguez 3b500002.332Matsui lf412010.299Posada c421012.275JaGiambi 1b211031.258RuJohnson 1b000000.250Sierra rf211210.213Womack cf200000.239TMartinez ph000010.227Reese pr-cf000000.000BWilliams ph-cf000100.249BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals31410422 -- BRoberts 2b311100.363Matos cf300001.273Tejada ss301100.317RPalmeiro 1b202020.270Newhan pr-3b000000.202SSosa rf400000.239Gibbons dh411000.267Gomez 3b-1b402100.299Fasano c300000.284Marrero ph100001.191Bigbie lf423100.274New York

000103011 -- 670Baltimore

001120000 -- 4101 E: SSosa (3). LOB: New York 10, Baltimore 5. 2B: BRoberts (19), RPalmeiro (10), Bigbie (9). HR: Bigbie (3), off Pavano. RBI: Jeter (35), Sheffield (55), Sierra 2 (17), BWilliams (28), BRoberts (43), Tejada (59), Gomez (11), Bigbie (16). CS: BRoberts (5). S: Matos. SF: Sierra, BWilliams, Tejada. GIDP: SSosa, Gibbons, Fasano.

DP: New York 3 (Jeter and JaGiambi), (ARodriguez, Cano and JaGiambi), (Cano, Jeter and JaGiambi).

New YorkIP HRERBBSONPERAPavano6 94410894.77Sturtze, W1 10001123.43Gordon1 00010102.97MRivera, S1 00001150.91BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERACabrera5C443641165.48Ray1 00012231.23Kline, LB1111075.08Julio2 21012253.82 Kline pitched to 2 batters in the 8th.

Inherited runners-scored: Ray 3-2, Julio 1-1.

IBB: off Julio (Matsui) 1, off Julio (JaGiambi) 1. HBP: by Pavano (BRoberts). PB: Fasano 2. Balk: Pavano, Kline. T: 3:14. A: 45,801 (48,290).