Police in Anne Arundel County are investigating a shooting that wounded a security guard during a party hosted Saturday night by Washington Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington at a rented mansion in Gambrills. Arrington was not an intended target and is not being investigated, said Lt. Joe Jordan, a spokesman for the Anne Arundel County police. However, the police intend to interview him as part of the ongoing investigation.

"We're going to interview as many people as we can to determine what happened," Jordan said.

As of last night, no one had been charged in the shooting, which occurred early Sunday and left security guard James Gordon Sidney, 35, of Hyattsville, in serious but stable condition. After responding to noise complaints earlier Saturday night, police said that they had been shutting down the party, with Arrington's assistance, when the shooting occurred. Detectives for the county's western district didn't anticipate any arrests last night.

Sidney, who is undergoing treatment at the shock-and-trauma center at Baltimore's University Hospital, was expected to get a blood transfusion yesterday, said a police spokeswoman.

Yesterday, Arrington released a statement through the Redskins describing the party as a charity event. Arrington, who turned 27 on June 20, said neither he nor his guests were involved in the shooting.

"Over the weekend there was an unfortunate incident where a security guard was injured following a party I hosted in Gambrills, Maryland, to conclude a series of charity events," Arrington's statement said. Arrington is recuperating from two knee surgeries in hope of being fully healthy for training camp, which starts Aug. 1. "I had no involvement in the incident, and to my knowledge, neither did any of the guests at the party. I feel terrible about the injury to the guard, who was only doing his job, and pray he recovers quickly and fully."

Arrington, who recently changed his cell phone number, was unavailable to comment further. And the Redskins did not have any public comment, team spokesman Patrick Wixted said. Anne Arundel County police officials declined to comment on Arrington's statement beyond confirming that the linebacker was not involved.

Some neighbors told police that San Francisco 49ers linebacker Julian Peterson was a co-host of the party. Police believe that Peterson, who starred at Crossland High in Temple Hills, was in attendance. But police have not yet been able to confirm Peterson's presence. Arrington and Peterson share the same agents, Carl and Kevin Poston.

The shooting occurred about 100 feet from the home in an affluent neighborhood called Bretton Woods while Arrington was still inside, Jordan said. The mansion, which is on more than six acres of property, has no occupancy permit, which prevents anyone from legally living inside.

"It's a big compound with hedges and fences around the whole property," Jordan said. "Arrington was inside, and we don't believe he was involved."

Shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday, neighbors complained to police that music was too loud, and police arrived at the home to ask that the noise be lowered. Police returned at midnight after more complaints and spoke to Arrington, said Jordan. At that time, Arrington told police that he was shutting down the party, Jordan said, and police remained on the premises to make sure.

"Officers stood outside the gates so that things went in an orderly fashion," Jordan said.

Police at the property didn't hear the gunshots but were called by other officers to respond to a shooting at the property. A few party guests were handcuffed at the property before being released, while some were taken in for questioning.

"We interviewed a couple of people who were handcuffed and eventually released," Jordan said. "That's not uncommon in a volatile situation like that."

Neighbors told police that there have been at least three parties in the home over the past year. Although complaints about noise have been a constant, none of the parties resulted in violence. Police were uncertain if Arrington had hosted or attended the previous parties.

Redskins Note: The Redskins announced yesterday that they signed cornerback Eric Joyce and acquired wide receiver Jamin Elliott off waivers. The Redskins also released wide receiver Pedro Holiday.