Nationals 7, Pirates 5W: Loaiza (4-5); L: K. Wells (5-8); S: C. Cordero (28)


Nationals first: Wilkerson singled. Spivey fouled out. Guillen walked, Wilkerson to second. Castilla struck out. Byrd singled, Wilkerson scored, Guillen to third. W. Cordero struck out. Nationals, 1-0.

Nationals second: Schneider struck out. Guzman walked. Loaiza struck out. Wilkerson walked, Guzman to second. Guzman stole third. On Ross's error, Wilkerson to second. Spivey walked. Guillen infield single, Guzman scored, Wilkerson to third, Spivey to second. Castilla singled to left, Wilkerson scored, Spivey scored, Guillen to second. Byrd grounded out. Nationals, 4-0.

Nationals third: W. Cordero walked. Schneider homered to right, W. Cordero scored. Guzman grounded out. Loaiza grounded out. Wilkerson struck out. Nationals, 6-0.

Pirates fifth: Ward fouled out. Doumit grounded out. Ross doubled. J. Wilson doubled, Ross scored. Restovich pinch-hitting for Snell. Restovich singled to left, J. Wilson scored. On Byrd's error, Restovich to second. Sanchez flied out. Nationals, 6-2.

Pirates sixth: Hill singled. Mackowiak singled, Hill to third. Carrasco pitching. Bay walked, Mackowiak to second. Ward singled to left, Hill scored, Mackowiak scored, Bay to third. Doumit fouled out. Ross struck out. J. Wilson grounded into fielder's choice, Ward out. Nationals, 6-4.

Nationals seventh: Guillen grounded out. Castilla homered to left. Byrd struck out. W. Cordero flied out. Nationals, 7-4.

Pirates eighth: Bay singled. Ward singled, Bay to third. Doumit singled to center, Bay scored, Ward to third. Ross lined out. J. Wilson grounded into fielder's choice, Ward out, Doumit to second. Lawton pinch-hitting for Torres. Lawton fouled out. Nationals, 7-5.

PittsburghABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals39512528 -- Sanchez 2b501000.275Hill 3b413001.269Mackowiak cf511000.301Bay lf411013.307Ward 1b402210.276Castillo pr000000.273Doumit rf501101.218Ross c411001.216JWilson ss411101.226KWells p000000.133McLouth ph100001.000Snell p000000---Restovich ph101100.268Meadows p000000---TRedman ph100000.275STorres p000000.500Lawton ph100000.263Grabow p000000---WashingtonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals31787510 -- Wilkerson cf421011.268Spivey 2b310012.245JGuillen rf301110.303Castilla 3b412301.260Byrd lf401101.287WCordero 1b311011.057Schneider c412201.261CGuzman ss210010.201CCordero p000000---Loaiza p200001.219HCarrasco p000000---Blanco ph100001.250Majewski p000000.000Ayala p000000.000Carroll ph-ss100001.250Pittsburgh

000022010 -- 5121Washington

13200010x -- 781 E: Ross (3), Byrd (1). LOB: Pittsburgh 10, Washington 6. 2B: Hill (5), Ross (8), JWilson (11), WCordero (1). HR: Castilla (6), off STorres; Schneider (5), off Snell. RBI: Ward 2 (48), Doumit (9), JWilson (16), Restovich (7), JGuillen (44), Castilla 3 (39), Byrd (16), Schneider 2 (21). SB: CGuzman (3). S: CGuzman.

PittsburghIP HRERBBSONPERAKWells, L2 44444614.64Snell2 12212334.50Meadows2 10002254.78STorres1 11101133.50Grabow1 10001112.08WashingtonIP HRERBBSONPERALoaiza, W5 54406693.81HCarrasco1 10011152.00Majewski1 10000153.22Ayala1 31100143.00CCordero, S1 20011150.87 Loaiza pitched to 2 batters in the 6th.

Inherited runners-scored: HCarrasco 2-2.

IBB: off CCordero (Ward) 1. HBP: by Loaiza (Hill).

T: 2:47. A: 37,361 (45,250).