Mets 5W: R. Hernandez (4-2)

L: S. Kim (1-1)

S: Looper (18)Nationals 2


Nationals second: Castilla doubled. Byrd popped out. Baerga popped out. Spivey doubled to center, Castilla scored. Bennett struck out. Nationals, 1-0.

Nationals sixth: Wilkerson flied out. Carroll walked. Guillen doubled to center, Carroll scored. Bell pitching. Castilla struck out. Byrd lined out. Nationals, 2-0.

Mets seventh: Anderson singled. Wright doubled, Anderson to third. Ayala pitching. Reyes singled to center, Anderson scored, Wright to third. Woodward grounded into fielder's choice, Wright out, Reyes to third. Daubach pinch-hitting for Bell. Williams pinch-running for Woodward. Daubach struck out. Cameron singled to center, Reyes scored, Williams to second. Beltran flied out. Tied, 2-2.

Mets ninth: Wright struck out. Reyes infield single. Offerman pinch-hitting for Hernandez. Reyes stole second. Offerman singled to left, Reyes scored. Offerman to second. Daubach flied out. Cameron doubled to center, Offerman scored. Beltran singled to left, Cameron scored. Floyd fouled out. Mets, 5-2.

New YorkABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals37510529 -- Cameron rf512202.295Beltran cf402111.266Floyd lf400010.284Piazza c400001.257RCastro c000000.231MarAnderson 2b412000.283Wright 3b401001.290Reyes ss422100.259Woodward 1b300001.320GeWilliams pr000000.000RHernandez p000000---Offerman ph111100.233Looper p000000---Ishii p200002.263HBell p000000.000Daubach ph-1b200001.091WashingtonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3325218 -- Wilkerson cf400002.266Carroll ss312010.250JGuillen rf401100.309Castilla 3b411002.260Byrd lf400000.258Baerga 1b400000.269Spivey 2b401102.233GBennett c300001.244JoPatterson p200001.050Ayala p000000.000Cepicky ph100000.000SKim p000000.000New York

000000203 -- 5102Washington

010001000 -- 250 E: MarAnderson (2), Reyes (9). LOB: New York 7, Washington 5. 2B: Cameron (19), MarAnderson (5), Wright (22), JGuillen (18), Castilla (21), Spivey (15). RBI: Cameron 2 (21), Beltran (41), Reyes (34), Offerman (6), JGuillen (47), Spivey (24). SB: Reyes (24). CS: Carroll (3).

New YorkIP HRERBBSONPERAIshii5B52215885.50HBellC0000193.93RHernandez, W2 00002231.78Looper, S1 00000133.56WashingtonIP HRERBBSONPERAJoPatterson6 422271163.16Ayala1 20001192.88SKim, L2 43301444.50 JoPatterson pitched to 2 batters in the 7th.

Inherited runners-scored: HBell 1-0, Ayala 2-1.

T: 3:37. A: 44,331 (45,250).