Yankees 13W: J. Anderson (1-0)

L: B. Ryan (1-2)Orioles 8


Yankees first: Jeter singled. Cano walked, Jeter to second. Sheffield homered to left, Jeter, Cano scored. A. Rodriguez grounded out. Williams struck out. Matsui homered to right. Posada struck out. Yankees, 4-0.

Yankees second: Giambi homered to right. Womack bunt single. Womack stole second. Jeter walked. Womack caught stealing, Jeter to second. Cano singled to right, Jeter scored. Williams pitching. Sheffield grounded into fielder's choice, Cano out. A. Rodriguez flied out. Yankees, 6-0.

Orioles third: Bigbie flied out. Fasano grounded out. Roberts homered to left. Mora flied out. Yankees, 6-1.

Orioles fourth: Tejada hit by a pitch. Tejada stole second. Palmeiro grounded out. Sosa walked. Gibbons singled to center, Tejada scored, Sosa to second. Matos flied out, Sosa to third. Bigbie walked, Gibbons to second. Fasano walked, Sosa scored, Gibbons to third, Bigbie to second. Proctor pitching. Roberts walked, Gibbons scored, Bigbie to third, Fasano to second. Yankees, 6-4.

Orioles sixth: Gibbons homered to right. Matos popped out. Bigbie singled. Bigbie stole second. Fasano struck out. Roberts struck out. Yankees, 6-5.

Orioles seventh: Mora doubled. Tejada popped out. Palmeiro singled to right, Mora scored. Anderson pitching. Sosa walked, Palmeiro to second. Gibbons flied out. Matos doubled to left, Palmeiro, Sosa scored. Bigbie intentionally walked. Fasano walked, Matos to third, Bigbie to second. Roberts flied out. Orioles, 8-6.

Yankees eighth: Giambi homered to right. Sierra pinch-hitting for Womack, singled. Ryan pitching. Jeter singled, Sierra to second. Crosby pinch-running for Sierra. Cano sacrificed, Crosby to third, Jeter to second. Sheffield intentionally walked. A. Rodriguez walked, Crosby scored, Jeter to third, Sheffield to second. Williams singled to right, Jeter, Sheffield scored, A.Rodriguez to third. Matsui safe on Tejada's error, A. Rodriguez scored, Williams to second. Posada walked, Williams to third, Matsui to second. Giambi hit by a pitch, Williams scored, Matsui to third, Posada to second. Crosby singled to center, Matsui scored, Posada to third, Giambi to second. Crosby out advancing. Julio pitching. Jeter flied out. Yankees, 13-8.

BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3588888 -- BRoberts 2b411211.358Mora 3b512002.301Tejada ss410001.319RPalmeiro 1b411110.263SSosa dh320021.225Gibbons rf422200.261Newhan ph100001.198Matos cf501200.279Bigbie lf301021.263Fasano c200121.253New YorkABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3513141376 -- Jeter ss532010.303Cano 2b311110.291Sheffield rf321310.297ARodriguez 3b311110.319BWilliams dh511202.259Matsui lf422210.312Posada c401013.269JaGiambi 1b322311.258TMartinez 1b000000.222Womack cf301000.244Sierra ph101000.238Crosby pr-cf111100.250Baltimore

001301300 -- 881New York

42000007x -- 13140 E: Tejada (11). LOB: Baltimore 9, New York 9. 2B: Mora 2 (19), Matos (8). HR: Gibbons (12), off Proctor; BRoberts (15), off Sturtze; JaGiambi 2 (7), off Kline, BChen; Matsui (12), off BChen; Sheffield (14), off BChen. RBI: BRoberts 2 (49), RPalmeiro (41), Gibbons 2 (40), Matos 2 (15), Fasano (10), Cano (27), Sheffield 3 (61), ARodriguez (67), BWilliams 2 (35), Matsui 2 (62), JaGiambi 3 (25), Crosby (1). SB: Tejada (4), Bigbie (3), Womack (20). CS: Womack (4). S: Cano. GIDP: BWilliams.

DP: Baltimore 1 (BRoberts, Tejada and RPalmeiro).

BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERABChen1B66622434.06Williams2C30010423.32Byrdak1B00002250.00Ray1C00012320.90Kline0 22200125.93BRyan, LC35430452.58JulioB0000014.35New YorkIP HRERBBSONPERASturtze3C34431823.94Proctor2 21113447.71FranklinC222011627.0JAnderson, W1C11141442.45MRivera1 00002110.83 BChen pitched to 4 batters in the 2nd, Kline pitched to 2 batters in the 8th.

Inherited runners-scored: Williams 1-0, BRyan 1-1, Julio 2-0, Proctor 3-1, Franklin 1-0, JAnderson 1-1.

IBB: off BRyan (Sheffield) 1, off JAnderson (Bigbie) 1. HBP: by BRyan (JaGiambi), by Ray (ARodriguez), by Williams (Sheffield), by Sturtze (Tejada).

T: 4:12. A: 53,844 (57,478).