Yankees 12W: R. Johnson (8-6)

L: R. Lopez (7-5)Orioles 3


Yankees second: Giambi homered. Sierra singled. Womack struck out. Flaherty grounded into a double play. Yankees, 1-0.

Yankees third: Jeter singled. Cano reached on Gomez's error, Jeter to third. Sheffield safe on fielder's choice and Mora's error, Jeter scored, Cano to second. Rodriguez grounded into fielder's choice, Sheffield to second. Matsui singled to left, Sheffield scored, Rodriguez to second. Giambi doubled to center, Rodriguez scored, Matsui to third. Sierra singled to left, Matsui and Giambi scored. Womack struck out. Flaherty struck out. Yankees, 6-0.

Yankees fourth: Jeter singled. Cano doubled, Jeter to third. Sheffield hit a three-run homer. Rodriguez homered. Reed pitching. Matsui singled. Giambi fouled out. Sierra singled, Matsui to third. Womack grounded into a double play. Yankees, 10-0.

Orioles sixth: Fasano singled. Roberts struck out. Gomez hit a two-run homer. Mora flied out. Tejada doubled. Sosa singled, Tejada to third. Marrero struck out. Yankees, 10-2.

Yankees sixth: Sheffield singled. Rodriguez flied out. Matsui hit a two-run homer. Giambi doubled. Sierra struck out. Womack reached on an infield single, pinch runner Martinez to third. Flaherty grounded out. Yankees, 12-2.

Orioles ninth: Tejada singled. Sosa doubled, Tejada to third. Marrero hit a sacrifice fly to right, Tejada scored. Matos grounded out. Bigbie grounded out. Yankees, 12-3.

BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3439309 -- BRoberts 2b400004.354Gomez 1b411200.285Mora 3b400001.297Newhan 3b000000.198Tejada ss413000.324SSosa dh402000.229Marrero rf300102.180Matos cf402000.285Bigbie lf400002.256Fasano c211000.258Whiteside c100000.000New YorkABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals4212171127 -- Jeter ss523001.308Cano 2b511000.289Sheffield rf432300.300Crosby rf100000.235ARodriguez 3b421101.318RuJohnson 3b100000.235Matsui lf423310.317JaGiambi 1b423200.268TMartinez pr-1b100000.221Sierra dh403211.261Womack cf501003.243Flaherty c400001.172Baltimore

000002001 -- 393New York

01540200x -- 12171 E: Gomez (3), Mora 2 (6), Jeter (10). LOB: Baltimore 5, New York 8. 2B: Tejada (26), SSosa (11), Cano (15), JaGiambi 2 (8). HR: Matsui (13), off Baldwin; Gomez (1), off RJohnson; ARodriguez (21), off RLopez; Sheffield (15), off RLopez; JaGiambi (8), off RLopez. RBI: Gomez 2 (14), Marrero (17), Sheffield 3 (64), ARodriguez (68), Matsui 3 (65), JaGiambi 2 (27), Sierra 2 (19). SB: Jeter (10), Sheffield (7). SF: Marrero. GIDP: Whiteside, Womack, Flaherty.

DP: Baltimore 2 (Mora, BRoberts and Gomez), (SReed, Tejada and Gomez); New York 1 (ARodriguez, Cano and TMartinez).

BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERARLopez, L3 1110504584.72SReed2 20000276.61Baldwin2 42202331.61Kline1 00021255.74New YorkIP HRERBBSONPERARJohnson, W7 72208924.14Groom2 21101344.30 RLopez pitched to 4 batters in the 4th.

T: 2:38. A: 55,276 (57,478).