Washington Nationals Manager Frank Robinson said Friday that he doesn't believe outfielder Jose Guillen's outburst in the dugout Tuesday night has cost him credibility with his teammates.

"I don't think it did any damage to his reputation here, and what we think about him," Robinson said. "It's just that sometimes, we lose our cool, and lose our direction a little bit."

After Pedro Martinez of the New York Mets hit Guillen with a pitch, Guillen had a confrontation with catcher Brian Schneider and pitcher Esteban Loaiza after Loaiza didn't retaliate by hitting a Mets batter. Last year, as an Anaheim Angel, Guillen had the same complaint of the Angels pitching staff.

Most Nationals have been reluctant to talk publicly about the incident because of the delicate nature of Guillen's personality as well as their own clubhouse chemistry.

"This is the first time they've seen him in a negative way rather than a positive way," Robinson said. "They were taken aback by it a little bit. But overall, he lost no credibility that he's built up here."

Right Back to Work

As long as he doesn't throw more than one inning in Tuesday's All-Star Game, Livan Hernandez will start the Nationals' first game after the break, next Thursday at Milwaukee. He will be followed by Loaiza and John Patterson against the Brewers, and Ryan Drese and Tony Armas Jr. at home against Colorado.