Baseball Gang members who still hang out at Zola after Nationals games -- much to the dismay of more trendy patrons -- are getting nervous after the Nats lost three of four to the Mets this week. Look, a year ago we were all brooding, waiting for Bud Selig to decide the fate of the Montreal Expos. Get over it. Slumps are part of the game.

All D.C. wanted was baseball back. But what we got is a first-place team, unselfish players and a Hall of Fame manager. And playing in a landmark known as RFK that still rocks. I live in Anacostia and look forward to these games, as well as to a new stadium in 2008, with some reservations because of the cost. Our baseball team has made up for losing that NFL football team that carries our city's name but plays in Maryland and practices in Virginia.

Ray Joseph, Washington

Ray, did you take a shot at the Redskins?

There's only one word for the Nats and that's "Amazin'." This season is turning into equal parts Damn Yankees and '69 Mets. The only thing missing is that guy at Shea with the box of signs he would pull out, appropriately, for every magical Mets moment. But that said, "Amazin' " best describes this real life Cinderella team. Some evenings with the radio as my only source for the game, I find myself pumping my fist in the air as the final out is recorded.

Glenn Goldstein, Gainesville

That's what baseball fans who live here have missed for the past 34 seasons.

Has anyone mentioned to Tony La Russa that the Expos had been moved to Washington, got a new name and are sitting atop the NL East? So it was okay to name a position player or two from this quality team's roster to the all-star team?

Laurie Owens, Fairfax

Jose Guillen deserved to be on the team.

I've been completely baffled by some of the reactions to the NBA age limit (19) by some Post sportswriters and others. The idea that most high school stars would go to a prep school is ludicrous. It implies that the kid would be better off at Maine Central Institute than Chapel Hill.

Jay Donahue, Potomac

Not every talented basketball player has the grades for a school such as North Carolina. For some, prep school or the NBA's developmental league is a reasonable alternative.