AMERICAN 7W: Buehrle (1-0)

L: Smoltz (0-1)

S: MRivera (1)NATIONAL 5


American Second: Tejada homered to left. Guerrero popped out. Teixeira grounded out. Varitek singled. Roberts flied out. American, 1-0.

American Third: Damon singled. A.Rodriguez walked, Damon to second. Ortiz singled, Damon scored, A.Rodriguez to third. M.Ramirez struck out. Tejada grounded out, A.Rodriguez scored, Ortiz to second. Guerrero grounded out. American, 3-0.

American Fourth: Teixeira popped out. Varitek walked. Roberts hit ground rule double, Varitek to third. Suzuki singled to right, Varitek and Roberts scored. A.Rodriguez flied out to center field. Suzuki picked off, pitcher Hernandez to first baseman D.Lee. American, 5-0.

American Sixth: Guerrero singled. Alfonso Soriano pinch-ran for Guerrero. Teixeira homered to right, Soriano scored. I.Rodriguez walked. Gary Sheffield, pinch-hitting for Roberts, grounded into double play, I.Rodriguez out at second. Suzuki flied out to center field. American, 7-0

National Seventh: Castillo singled. Jones homered, Castillo scored. Rollins singled. Lo Duca grounded into double play, Rollins out at second. C.Lee struck out. American, 7-2.

National Eighth: Ensberg fouled out. Alou doubled. Lopez singled, Alou to third. Cabrera grounded into fielder's choice, third baseman Hillenbrand to second baseman Soriano, Alou scored, Lopez out at second. Castillo grounded into fielder's choice. American, 7-3

National Ninth: Jones walked. B.J. Ryan pitching. Luis Gonzalez, pinch-hitting for Rollins, doubled to left-center, Jones scored. Lo Duca grounded out, Gonzalez to third. C.Lee grounded out, Gonzalez scored. Mariano Rivera pitching. Ensberg struck out swinging. American, 7-5.

NationalABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals35511556 -- BAbreu rf201010.500Rollins ss1010001.00LGonzalez ph1111001.00Beltran lf301001.333Lo Duca c200000.000Pujols dh201000.500CaLee ph-dh300101.000DeLee 1b301001.333Ensberg 1b200001.000Edmonds cf-rf100010.000Alou ph-rf1110101.00ARamirez 3b201010.500FLopez 3b1010001.00Piazza c200001.000MiCabrera lf200100.000JKent 2b100001.000LCastillo 2b311000.333Eckstein ss200000.000AJones cf1212101.00AmericanABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals32711736 -- Damon cf211000.500ISuzuki cf-rf201200.500ARodriguez 3b211010.500Mora 3b100001.000Hillenbrand 3b000000---DOrtiz dh302100.667MiSweeney ph-dh100001.000MRamirez lf200001.000GAnderson lf200001.000Tejada ss311200.333MYoung ss1010001.00VGuerrero rf301000.333ASoriano pr-2b110000.000Teixeira 1b311200.333Konerko 1b100001.000Varitek c1110101.00IRodriguez c100011.000BRoberts 2b211000.500Sheffield ph-rf100000.000Podsednik cf000000---National

000000212 -- 5110American

01220200x -- 7111 E: Colon (1). LOB: National 8, American 4. 2B: LGonzalez (1), DeLee (1), Alou (1), MYoung (1), BRoberts (1). HR: AJones (1), off Rogers; Teixeira (1), off Willis; Tejada (1), off Smoltz. RBI: LGonzalez (1), CaLee (1), MiCabrera (1), AJones 2 (2), ISuzuki 2 (2), DOrtiz (1), Tejada 2 (2), Teixeira 2 (2). GIDP: Beltran, Lo Duca, ARamirez, MRamirez, Sheffield.

DP: National 2 ; American 3

NationalIP HRERBBSONPERACarpenter1 2000080.00Smoltz, L1 21100149.00Oswalt1 222112218.0LHernandez1 222101618.0Clemens1 00000120.00Willis1 222103218.0Lidge1 00003110.00PeavyC1000170.00CCorderoB0000170.00AmericanIP HRERBBSONPERABuehrle, W2 30003370.00Colon1 10000130.00JoSantana1 10010110.00Clement1 00011150.00Garland1 00020200.00Rogers1 322011418.0Nathan1 21100179.00Wickman0 011105-BRyanC11100413.5MRivera, SB0000140.00 Wickman pitched to 1 batter in the 9th.

Inherited runners-scored: CCordero 1-0, BRyan 1-1.

WP: Garland.

T: 2:41. A: 41,617 (40,120).