Wow, you want reaction, just suggest D.C. United might want to give Freddy Adu more playing time. You'd have thought I demanded United trade Freddy to Philadelphia for Endy Chavez.

If Freddy Adu were a young pitcher coming up in the Orioles organization under Manager Earl Weaver and pitching coach George Bamberger, there would be no question how he would be treated. He would be protected against his own psyche.

Adu would have been relegated to the minors longer than he wanted, used in long relief and only started years later. You treat young, phenomenally talented scorers and playmakers in soccer just like you treat young, phenomenally talented pitchers. You give them time.

James McCarty Yeager, Bethesda

Since you asked, "Why does MLS pay Adu so much if they are only going to play him half a game?" I'll tell you. They are paying for Freddy's potential as well as his ability to generate some interest in the league.

Glenn Auve, Arlington

To James, Glen and the other soccer fans who believe Adu is getting the right amount of playing time: We admire Freddy, too, and respect his potential. But MLS is in a much different position than the premier European leagues and getting him more playing time is important to MLS, D.C. United and Freddy.

I think Ron Darling and Mel Proctor are doing a fabulous job. I enjoy their comments, as well as the games. I hope they get rehired.

John Welsh, Alexandria

Darling and Proctor have more fans than they realize. Good for them.

Ron Darling is no Jim Palmer, but he is knowledgeable and with good coaching, should eventually get better. However, I sure wish someone at Yale would have taught him that "anyways" is not really an English word.

Alan Levin, Gaithersburg

Hey, Alan, at the University of Florida where I went, and Darling's alma mater, "anyways" is acceptable when used to describe a hanging curve taken deep.

I saw where you'd described the food at RFK as "feh" but I'm not complaining. The roast beef sandwich platter at the Foggy Bottom Brewpub is pretty good, the hotdogs and Italian sausage are tasty and the chicken strips are all right. When I'm at a ballgame, I'm just happy to be there.

Joe Riley, Arlington

Okay, Joe, but don't blame me if some day they have to clean out your arteries.