Brewers 5W: Ohka (6-4)

L: Drese (3-2)

S: Turnbow (19)Nationals 3


Nationals first: Wilkerson struck out. Vidro popped out. Guillen homered to left. Wilson flied out. Nationals, 1-0.

Brewers first: Clark grounded out. Weeks singled. Overbay grounded out, Weeks to second. Hall safe on Vidro's error, Weeks to third. Jenkins doubled to right, Weeks, Hall scored. On Schneider's error, Jenkins to third. Magruder hit by a pitch. Branyan flied out. Brewers, 2-1.

Brewers third: Weeks walked. Overbay doubled, Weeks to third. Hall grounded out, SS Guzman to 1B Wilkerson, Weeks scored, Overbay to third. Jenkins hit by a pitch. Lee popped out. Branyan singled to right, Overbay scored, Jenkins to second. Moeller singled to center, Jenkins scored, Branyan to third. Moeller out advancing. Brewers, 5-1.

Nationals seventh: Guillen hit by a pitch. Wilson singled, Guillen to second. Church struck out. Castilla popped out. Schneider doubled to right, Guillen, Wilson scored. Baerga pinch-hitting for Guzman, popped out. Brewers, 5-3.

WashingtonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3235308 -- Wilkerson 1b400003.264Vidro 2b401000.287JGuillen rf321100.304PrWilson cf411001.259Church lf400001.318Castilla 3b400001.258Schneider c302200.269CGuzman ss200000.192Baerga ph100000.272HCarrasco p000000---Eischen p0000001.00Majewski p000000.000Drese p100001.000SKim p100001.000Carroll ss100000.247MilwaukeeABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3058521 -- BClark cf400000.316Weeks 2b322010.269Overbay 1b411000.274BHall ss-3b410101.275Jenkins rf211200.271Magruder lf000000.237CaLee lf300000.261Branyan 3b301100.262Hardy ss101000.194Moeller c401100.222Ohka p201010.192Wise p000000---JuSantana p000000.000Turnbow p000000---Washington

100000200 -- 352Milwaukee

20300000x -- 581 E: Vidro (3), Schneider (3), Overbay (6). LOB: Washington 3, Milwaukee 6. 2B: Schneider (15), Overbay (19), Jenkins (21). HR: JGuillen (19), off Ohka. RBI: JGuillen (54), Schneider 2 (26), BHall (40), Jenkins 2 (37), Branyan (22), Moeller (13). GIDP: CGuzman, Overbay, CaLee.

DP: Washington 2 (Carroll and Wilkerson), (Vidro, Carroll and Wilkerson); Milwaukee 1 (BHall, Weeks and Overbay).

WashingtonIP HRERBBSONPERADrese, L3 55310593.44SKim3 10011323.86HCarrasco1 10000122.29Eischen0 0000034.91Majewski1 1000093.38MilwaukeeIP HRERBBSONPERAOhka, W7 43306963.64WiseC10001112.83JuSantanaB0000044.22Turnbow, S1 0000192.23 Eischen pitched to 1 batter in the 8th.

Inherited runners-scored: Majewski 1-0, JuSantana 1-0.

HBP: by Ohka (JGuillen), by Eischen (Jenkins), by Drese (Jenkins), by Drese (Magruder).

T: 2:30. A: 23,543 (41,900).