Devil Rays 7, Orioles 5W: McClung (1-5); L: Chen (7-6); S: D. Baez (18)


Orioles first: Roberts walked. Mora struck out. Tejada singled, Roberts to third. Palmeiro singled, Roberts scored, Tejada to third. Sosa grounded into fielder's choice, Tejada scored. Gibbons struck out. Orioles, 2-0.

Devil Rays first: Lugo flied out. Crawford reached on an infield single. Cantu doubled, Crawford scored. Gomes flied out, Cantu tagged up to third. Huff walked. Perez was hit by a pitch. Green grounded out. Orioles, 2-1.

Orioles second: Matos fouled out. Bigbie homered to right. Fasano struck out. Roberts doubled. Mora fouled out. Orioles, 3-1.

Devil Rays second: Hall flied out. Hollins homered. Lugo doubled. Crawford fouled out. Lugo stole third. Cantu walked. Gomes was hit by a pitch, loading the bases. Huff hit a grand slam to right. Perez struck out. Devil Rays, 6-3.

Orioles fifth: Roberts walked. Mora walked, Roberts to second. Mora was caught stealing, Roberts to third. Tejada grounded out, Roberts scored. Palmeiro grounded out. Devil Rays, 6-4.

Devil Rays sixth: Crawford flied out. Cantu walked. Gomes reached on an infield single, Cantu to second. Huff flied out. Lee, pinch-hitting for Perez, singled to right, Cantu scored, Gomes to third. Green flied out. Devil Rays, 7-4.

Orioles ninth: Bigbie singled. Fasano struck out. On defensive indifference, Bigbie to second. Roberts flied out. Mora singled, Bigbie scored. On defensive indifference, Mora to second. Tejada flied out. Devil Rays, 7-5.

BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals34585510 -- BRoberts 2b221030.342Mora 3b401111.297Tejada ss511101.321RPalmeiro 1b301110.285SSosa dh401101.233Gibbons rf300003.256Surhoff rf100000.276Matos cf400001.266Bigbie lf423100.263Fasano c400003.250Tampa BayABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals33710755 -- Lugo ss411011.289Crawford lf511000.283Cantu 3b321121.292Gomes rf411002.293Gathright cf000000.281Huff dh311410.261EduPerez 1b200001.257TLee ph-1b101100.237NGreen 2b300010.252THall c402000.265Hollins cf-rf412100.269Baltimore

210010001 -- 580Tampa Bay

15000100x -- 7101 E: NGreen (6). LOB: Baltimore 7, Tampa Bay 9. 2B: BRoberts (26), Lugo (19), Cantu (22), THall (10). HR: Huff (11), off BChen; Hollins (10), off BChen; Bigbie (5), off McClung. RBI: Mora (49), Tejada (65), RPalmeiro (55), SSosa (32), Bigbie (20), Cantu (62), Huff 4 (53), TLee (20), Hollins (32). SB: Lugo (28). CS: Mora (3).

BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERABChen, L4B86642854.09Williams1C21111393.14Julio2 00002163.77Tampa BayIP HRERBBSONPERAMcClung, W5 54447987.07Orvella2 10012304.21Borowski1 0000050.00DBaez, S1 21101202.55 McClung pitched to 1 batter in the 6th.

Inherited runners-scored: Williams 2-0, Orvella 1-0.

HBP: by BChen (Gomes), by BChen (EduPerez).

T: 2:56. A: 14,474 (41,315).