Conversations with members of the Orioles organization might have persuaded San Diego Padres first baseman Phil Nevin to waive a no-trade clause and accept a trade to Baltimore that could be finalized Monday evening, according to one source. Nevin has until Tuesday at 6 p.m. to reject or accept being traded for Baltimore starter Sidney Ponson.

"My feeling is that he's going to accept it," an executive from one of the teams involved said. "There's nothing that seems to be a problem. I'm guessing that he'll be in Baltimore and be in uniform on Tuesday at the latest."

Nevin spoke with Orioles Manager Lee Mazzilli and infielder Chris Gomez, a former teammate with the Padres and the Detroit Tigers, on Sunday.

"He said Lee was very convincing and painted a nice picture," Barry Axelrod, Nevin's agent, said. "They told him he'd play every day at first base or at DH and bat in the middle of the lineup. . . .

"I was frankly surprised that Phil hadn't said no immediately. When they tried to trade him to Cincinnati a few years ago, he rejected it immediately."

At one point on Sunday, Nevin, who did not play in the Padres' 5-1 loss in Philadelphia, had all but decided to play for the Orioles and almost did not return to San Diego.

Nevin's wife, Kristin, persuaded him to go home to San Diego and meet with his family before making a decision. Nevin is concerned about moving away from his three children and his mother and father, who all live in the San Diego area.

"He's got a decision to make in a short period of time and it's a big decision," Gomez said. "I wanted to be honest with him. It doesn't take much selling. It's just different. It's the East Coast, a different league and all that. I just said it's a good place to play, a good lineup to hit in and good guys on the team."

Another factor is that the Padres have told the first baseman he would no longer be an everyday player.

"That's been suggested to him," Axelrod said. "They see a need to play Xavier Nady more. He's a competitor and has been an everyday player for many years now. More than anything, he's hurt by the obvious desire on the Padres' behalf to not have him anymore."