Rangers 11, Orioles 8 (11 innings)W: FCordero (2-1); L: Julio (3-3); S: Baldwin (1)


Orioles first: Roberts walked. Mora bunt single, Roberts to second. Tejada homered, Roberts and Mora scored. Palmeiro struck out. Sosa homered to right. J.Lopez flied out. Surhoff struck out. Orioles, 4-0.

Orioles second: Matos singled. Matos stole second. Bigbie struck out. Roberts singled, Matos scored. Mora struck out. Roberts stole second. Tejada grounded out. Orioles, 5-0.

Rangers fourth: Mench flied out. Hidalgo doubled. DeRosa grounded out, Hidalgo to third. Barajas homered to left, Hidalgo scored. Matthews Jr. homered to center. M.Young singled to center. Teixeira homered to right, M.Young scored. Blalock struck out. Tied, 5-5

Rangers fifth: Soriano struck out. Mench doubled. Hidalgo safe on Mora's error, Mench to third. DeRosa singled, Mench scored, Hidalgo to second. Barajas grounded into fielder's choice, Hidalgo to third. Matthews Jr. flied out. Rangers, 6-5.

Orioles eighth: Surhoff popped out. Matos singled. Bigbie walked, Matos to second. Roberts walked, loading the bases. Loe pitching. Mora singled, Matos scored, runners advanced. Tejada struck out. Palmeiro grounded out. Tied, 6-6.

Rangers ninth: Soriano singled. Mench fouled out. Soriano stole second. Hidalgo was intentionally walked. Soriano stole third. DeRosa doubled, Soriano and Hidalgo scored. Barajas fouled out. Matthews Jr. struck out. Rangers, 8-6.

Orioles ninth: Sosa safe on Matthews Jr.'s error. J.Lopez homered to left, Sosa scored. Surhoff singled. Matos bunt single to short, Surhoff to second. Bigbie sacrificed the runners to second and third. Roberts was intentionally walked, loading the bases. Mora struck out. Tejada flied out. Tied, 8-8.

Rangers 11th: Mench fouled out. Hidalgo walked. DeRosa singled, Hidalgo to second. Dellucci, pinch-hitting for Barajas, struck out. Matthews Jr. homered to right, Hidalgo and DeRosa scored. M.Young singled. Teixeira singled, M.Young to second. Kline pitching. Blalock grounded out. Rangers, 11-8.

TexasABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals53112011510 -- Matthews cf723402.255MYoung dh613010.325Teixeira 1b514221.282Blalock 3b701002.284ASoriano 2b612002.282Mench lf612000.271Hidalgo rf431022.225DeRosa ss613300.203Barajas c511200.253Dellucci ph100001.263SAlomar c000000.287BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals4581381110 -- BRoberts 2b311140.333Mora 3b513122.300Tejada ss611312.316RPalmeiro 1b500011.280SSosa dh521110.233JvLopez c612200.284Surhoff rf601002.261Matos cf624002.281Bigbie lf300021.249Texas

00051000203 -- 11203Baltimore

41000001200 -- 8131 E: Matthews (4), ASoriano (15), DeRosa (3), Mora (7). LOB: Texas 14, Baltimore 16. 2B: Matthews (13), Teixeira (22), ASoriano (27), Mench (25), Hidalgo (11), DeRosa (1). HR: JvLopez (9), off FCordero; Teixeira (28), off BChen; Matthews 2 (10), off Julio, BChen; Barajas (9), off BChen; SSosa (13), off CYoung; Tejada (22), off CYoung. RBI: Matthews 4 (31), Teixeira 2 (85), DeRosa 3 (10), Barajas 2 (30), BRoberts (52), Mora (50), Tejada 3 (69), SSosa (37), JvLopez 2 (25). SB: ASoriano 2 (14), BRoberts (20), Matos (12). CS: Bigbie (3). S: Bigbie. GIDP: SSosa.

DP: Texas 1 (DeRosa, ASoriano and Teixeira); Baltimore 1 (Tejada and BRoberts).

TexasIP HRERBBSONPERACYoung4 55525894.54Brocail1C10041464.59Gryboski1B00010176.00BShouseB11120184.54LoeC10001114.45FCordero, W2 52112363.77Baldwin, S1 00011171.69BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERABChen4 95522764.34Williams2 41102333.28Ray2 00013250.51BRyan1 22211213.13Julio, L1C53312394.13KlineB0000045.66 Inherited runners-scored: Gryboski 3-0, Loe 3-1, Kline 2-0.

IBB: off FCordero (BRoberts) 1, off BRyan (Hidalgo) 1.

T: 4:13. A: 31,540 (48,290).