With first-round pick Jason Campbell signed, Washington's quarterback triumvirate is set, giving the pundits and prognosticators ample fodder for the next five weeks. Patrick Ramsey, 26, is the starter. Mark Brunell, who turns 35 next month, is the veteran backup, and Campbell, 23, is the youngster trying to learn the ropes. How often the team will play musical chairs at this position remains to be seen.

There is no doubt it's Ramsey's job, and if he performs as well in the regular season as his coaches and teammates said he did in the offseason training program, there may be no quarterback controversy. Should his outings in any way approximate Brunell's production from the first half of last season -- when he was starting and Ramsey was backing up -- then trouble is likely. Coach Joe Gibbs has made it a point on many occasions to stress that Brunell is hardly done as a contributor and, given the coach's track record of leaning on experienced passers, it's hard not to believe he remains firmly in the mix.

Campbell figures to be a spectator, but if the Redskins enter the final games of the season out of the playoff picture, he could get his first snaps in what the team is gambling will be a long and distinguished career. The Redskins traded three picks, including next year's first-round selection, to draft Campbell, a price befitting only a solid starter.

FRESH FACE: Kevin Dyson

Position: Wide receiver

College: Utah

Who He Is: Dyson is a fresh face in Washington, but not in the NFL. A six-year veteran, Dyson spent most of his career with the Oilers and Titans. Dyson has played in two Super Bowls and scored the Music City Miracle touchdown against the Buffalo Bills in a 2000 wild-card game. He is perhaps best known for the last play of Super Bowl XXXIV, three games later. On first and goal from the St. Louis Rams 10-yard line, quarterback Steve McNair delivered the ball to Dyson at the 4. Dyson stretched for the end zone, but Rams linebacker Mike Jones brought him down inside the 1 as time expired. Tennessee lost, 23-16.

Chances of Making the Roster: Dyson's biggest plus is his experience. He has known Super Bowl euphoria as well as the pain of being cut, by the San Diego Chargers in September 2004. His age and injuries have raised red flags for some teams and could play a role in the decision process in Washington. Dyson, 30, tore his anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments and meniscus in his left knee in 2000, and an Achilles' injury in 2003 left him out for most of the season. "I've been making plays since I've been in the league, given the opportunity," Dyson said. "Unfortunately, the last couple of years, I've had some injuries, and opportunities have come less and less. So it's about making the most of my opportunities."

Dyson sprained his ankle Tuesday, limiting him slightly. Redskins Director of Sports Medicine Bubba Tyer said Dyson's status is day-to-day.


"I ate more yogurt than any man should ever eat."

Defensive lineman Brandon Noble, on the diet he followed while spending six weeks on antibiotics because of a knee infection



Days until the Redskins take on the Bears at FedEx Field

-- Jason La Canfora and Daniel Lyght