The Washington Redskins' top four wide receivers are relatively set, but competition for the fifth spot could be tight. Barring injury, newcomers Santana Moss and David Patten are the starters, and the buzz around third-year wide receiver Taylor Jacobs is intense. His name has been popping up since the spring, and many on the team believe he will be the Redskins' breakout player of 2005. Jacobs will be given every chance to continue his offseason progress and begin playing in more formations. Veteran James Thrash, a sure-handed pass catcher and a vital special teams contributor, is entrenched on the roster because of his intangibles, coverage and return skills.

None of those players is taller than 6 feet, however, and in an age of bigger wide receivers and defensive backs, it seems unlikely the Redskins would break camp without one big target. Darnerien McCants (6 feet 3) and Kevin Dyson (6-2) are the only big wide receivers on the roster with NFL experience, but both have something to prove. McCants, 27, went from a touchdown target under former coach Steve Spurrier to an afterthought last season, getting deactivated most Sundays. Dyson, 30, is trying to rebuild his career after crippling injuries basically forced him out of the league and nearly into retirement.


Position: Quarterback.

College: University of Richmond.

Who He Is: The "other" guy wearing yellow is another hometown product. Spinner, the number four quarterback on the roster, hails from Alexandria. He played at Episcopal High and attended the University of Virginia for two seasons before transferring to Richmond. Spinner, who signed with the Redskins on May 5 as a free agent, is the only guy taking snaps not receiving millions of dollars.

How He's Doing: Because he's the low man on the totem pole, Spinner sees limited snaps during training camp. "I feel like I've been getting enough [snaps] as far as there being four quarterbacks here, and two of them have been in the league for a while, and one they just drafted in the first round. I feel like I've been getting my fair share."

Chances of Making the Roster: The Redskins are stacked at quarterback. With Jason Campbell, one of the Redskins' 2005 first round picks, signed and in camp, it seems more likely that Spinner is heading out.

Today's Scrimmage Format

Where: M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore.

Noon-12:25 p.m.: Stretching and warmup.

12:25-12:40 p.m.: Special teams.

12:40-1:10 p.m.: Seven-on-seven (back-to-back).

15 plays -- Redskins' offense vs. Ravens' defense.

15 plays -- Ravens' offense vs. Redskins' defense.

15 plays -- Ravens' offense vs. Redskins' defense.

15 plays -- Redskins' offense vs. Ravens' defense.

1:10-1:55 p.m.: Scrimmage (four sets of 10-play drives).

Each drive begins on the 35-yard line. The ball returns to the 35-yard line if the team is held on downs or scores. After play No. 10, drive will continue until the team is stopped. Offensive team must kick a field goal on fourth down inside the 30-yard line. Team can kick field goals and extra points (which do not count as a play).

Note: The quarterback cannot be hit during any drill.


"I know we don't have any Dallas people here. They are the ugliest people in the world."

Coach Joe Gibbs during fan appreciation day. He later stressed he was joking.

Countdown to Kickoff


Days until the Redskins take on the Bears at FedEx Field.

-- Jason La Canfora and Daniel Lyght