Joe Gibbs apologized Saturday for a remark he made about Dallas fans at Redskins Park during the team's Fan Appreciation Day festivities.

Asked about the Cowboys as fans screamed questions at him Friday, he jokingly said: "I know we don't have any Dallas people here. They're the ugliest people in the world."

He apologized for the comment, which was repeated on ESPN, at the conclusion of his news conference after the Redskins-Ravens scrimmage. With a Sept. 19 "Monday Night Football" game at Dallas looming, Gibbs explained that he meant no offense.

"At our fan day, I kind of got caught up in things there and obviously somebody was yelling some things about the Cowboys and I tried to make a joke," Gibbs said. "I was joking. I was joking. It didn't come out probably like a joke like it should've.

"I hope all of my buddies in Dallas, because I've got a lot of buddies there, took it the right way and I hope they thought it was a joke. If they didn't think it was a joke or anybody took it the wrong way other than as a joke, I think when you make a mistake like that you've got to apologize. So I apologize to anybody who might have taken it the other way."

-- Jason La Canfora