Nationals 6W: JoPatterson (6-3)

L: Astacio (2-5)

S: CCordero (37)Astros 5


Nationals second: Castilla popped out. Wilkerson homered. Wilson flied out. Schneider singled. Guzman struck out. Nationals, 1-0.

Astros second: Ensberg homered. Lamb grounded out. Palmeiro singled. Palmeiro stole second. Everett popped out. Ausmus was intentionally walked. On Patterson's wild pitch, Palmeiro to third, Ausmus to second. Astacio grounded out. Tied, 1-1.

Nationals third: Patterson singled. Watson doubled, Patterson to third. Vidro hit a sacrifice fly to center field, Patterson scored, Watson to third. Johnson walked. Castilla grounded out, Watson scored, Johnson to second. Wilkerson walked. Wilson struck out. Nationals, 3-1.

Nationals fourth: Schneider homered to right. Guzman flied out. Patterson grounded out, shortstop Everett to first baseman Lamb. Watson homered. Vidro grounded out. Nationals, 5-1.

Nationals fifth: Johnson grounded out. Castilla homered. Wilkerson grounded out. Wilson struck out. Nationals, 6-1.

Astros fifth: Taveras singled. Biggio fouled out. Berkman flied out. Ensberg homered to left, Taveras scored. Lamb fouled out. Nationals, 6-3.

Astros sixth: Palmeiro flied out. Everett struck out. Ausmus singled. Bruntlett walked, Ausmus to second. Taveras infield single, Ausmus to third, Bruntlett to second. Biggio safe on Guzman's error, Ausmus scored, Bruntlett scored, Taveras to third. Berkman popped out. Nationals, 6-5.

WashingtonABRHBIBBSOAVGWatson lf522100.400Vidro 2b401100.263NJohnson 1b200030.316Castilla 3b511201.242Wilkerson cf211120.258PrWilson rf400003.252Schneider c312110.288CGuzman ss400002.188JoPatterson p211000.054Ayala p000000.333Stanton p000000---Blanco ph100001.234Majewski p000000.000CCordero p000000---Totals3268667 -- HoustonABRHBIBBSOAVGTaveras cf412011.294Biggio 2b500000.266Lidge p000000---Berkman lf401010.298Ensberg 3b423311.294Lamb 1b500000.217OPalmeiro rf401000.327AEverett ss400001.242Ausmus c211021.243Astacio p100000.250Burke ph100000.236Harville p000000.000Bruntlett ph010010.215Qualls p000000---Lane ph101000.257Gallo p000000---JVizcaino 2b000000.242Totals3559364 -- Washington

012210000 -- 681Houston

010022000 -- 590 E: CGuzman (11). LOB: Washington 7, Houston 9. 2B: Watson (1), Berkman (22). 3B: Lane (3). HR: Castilla (8), off Harville; Watson (1), off Astacio; Schneider (8), off Astacio; Ensberg 2 (31), off JoPatterson 2; Wilkerson (8), off Astacio. RBI: Watson (1), Vidro (25), Castilla 2 (50), Wilkerson (43), Schneider (31), Ensberg 3 (85). SB: OPalmeiro (3). S: JoPatterson. SF: Vidro. GIDP: Castilla, Lamb 2.

DP: Washington 2 (Stanton, CGuzman and NJohnson), (Vidro, CGuzman and NJohnson); Houston 1 (AEverett and Lamb).

WashingtonIP HRERBBSONPERAJoPatterson, W5C75342962.52AyalaB1000092.70Stanton1 0000061.42MajewskiC10011253.11CCordero, S1B00011201.07HoustonIP HRERBBSONPERAAstacio, L4 65522716.75Harville2 11112354.91Qualls2 10022253.71GalloC00010111.93LidgeB0000152.33 Ayala pitched to 1 batter in the 7th.

Inherited runners-scored: Ayala 3-2, Stanton 1-0, CCordero 2-0, Lidge 1-0.

IBB: off Qualls (Wilkerson) 1, off JoPatterson (Ausmus) 1. WP: JoPatterson 2.

T: 3:08. A: 34,255 (40,950).