Blue Jays 12, Orioles 0W: Towers (9-9); L: D. Cabrera (8-11)


Blue Jays first: Adams grounded out. Catalanotto flied out. Wells safe on Mora's error. Hillenbrand singled, Wells to second. Koskie doubled, Wells scored, Hillenbrand to third. Zaun homered to right, Hillenbrand and Koskie scored. Rios singled. Rios stole second. Hinske hit by pitch. Hudson grounded out. Blue Jays, 4-0.

Blue Jays fifth: Koskie homered to center. DuBose pitching. Zaun flied out. Rios grounded out. Hinske flied out. Blue Jays, 5-0.

Blue Jays sixth: Hudson doubled. Adams grounded out. Catalanotto grounded out, Hudson to third. Wells walked. Hillenbrand singled, Hudson scored, Wells to second. Koskie walked, Wells to third, Hillenbrand to second. Zaun doubled, Wells and Hillenbrand scored, Koskie to third. Rakers pitching. Rios homered to center, Koskie and , Zaun scored. Hinske lined out. Blue Jays, 11-0.

Blue Jays eighth: Hillenbrand homered to center. Koskie grounded out. Zaun grounded out. Rios flied out. Blue Jays, 12-0.

TorontoABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals4012121253 -- Adams ss500010.269Catalanotto lf400011.291VWells cf420011.283Hillenbrand 1b533200.300Koskie 3b432210.251Zaun c422510.270Rios rf512300.287Hinske dh401000.249OHudson 2b512001.264BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3309002 -- BRoberts 2b401000.319Byrnes lf400000.268Mora 3b401000.287Tejada ss301000.319Gomez ss101000.286JvLopez dh402000.283SSosa rf300000.230Freire 1b101000.308Gibbons 1b-rf301000.263Newhan cf300001.218Fasano c301001.255Toronto

400016010 -- 12120Baltimore

000000000 -- 091 E: Mora (9). LOB: Toronto 7, Baltimore 6. 2B: Koskie (8), Zaun (15), OHudson (19). HR: Hillenbrand (16), off Kline; Rios (8), off Rakers; Koskie (9), off DCabrera; Zaun (8), off DCabrera. RBI: Hillenbrand 2 (67), Koskie 2 (22), Zaun 5 (48), Rios 3 (52). SB: Rios (11). GIDP: OHudson, Tejada, SSosa.

DP: Toronto 2 (Koskie, OHudson and Hillenbrand), (Koskie, OHudson and Hillenbrand); Baltimore 1 (Gomez, BRoberts and Freire).

TorontoIP HRERBBSONPERATowers, W9 90002964.25BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERADCabrera, L4 55133745.00DuBose1C355204027.0Rakers1B21100216.75Kline1 1110085.12Grimsley1 1000075.93 DCabrera pitched to 1 batter in the 5th.

Inherited runners-scored: Rakers 2-2.

HBP: by DCabrera (Hinske). WP: DCabrera.

T: 2:29. A: 29,069 (48,290).