-- After a three-game wait, the Baltimore Orioles' Rafael Palmeiro, barring a last-minute change of heart, will make his much-anticipated return to the playing field on Sunday. Palmeiro, who was reinstated from a 10-day suspension for testing positive for a steroid on Thursday, will serve as the designated hitter.

"I am not sure nervous is the word," Palmeiro said. "Maybe anxious. I am anxious to get back out there. I want to get back to being normal again, getting back to the normal of coming to the ballpark and being in the lineup and playing every day."

Palmeiro's wife and two sons will be at the game. His wife attended Thursday's game but his sons did not.

"The first couple of days I didn't want to bring them back, but they wanted to come. They feel like they are part of this team," Palmeiro said. "The guys really like for them to be around. They get to do a lot of things. They came back after the game last night. I am sure they will be here again tonight and the day after again."

Cabrera's Pitch to Discuss

Interim manager Sam Perlozzo said he will speak to pitcher Daniel Cabrera about a pitch in Friday's game that appeared to be intentionally aimed at Toronto Blue Jays designated hitter Eric Hinske. Cabrera, who said he did not intentionally throw at Hinske, has hit 10 batters this season.

"I haven't been the guy that has to control that," Perlozzo said. "Now I am. It will be discussed, and if it happens again we'll take the necessary action. He's not a bad kid. He's a great kid. He got a little frustrated. He's a young kid, he's been scuffling a little bit. If you don't tell somebody, you don't expect him to change it."