Rookie Jason Campbell stands out among the Washington Redskins' quarterbacks, and not only because he is 6 feet 4 and 230 pounds. He has an unusual throwing motion, the result of cocking his arm far back. But after Campbell's successful senior season at Auburn spurred Washington to draft him 25th overall, the Redskins won't alter his quirky motion.

"I don't see quirky. I see an awesome throwing motion," Coach Joe Gibbs said. "It's the same one we saw in college. What I've learned over the years working with different guys -- all those guys threw the ball differently. But the point was they had excelled, they'd been great in college . . . when they'd thrown 10 million balls. To me, Jason has a good throwing motion. I like his throwing motion."

Campbell said that he has thrown that way since the seventh grade, and that it allows him to get extra zip and spin on the ball.

"I've been throwing like that all my life, and it helped get me this far," said Campbell, who last season was voted the Southeastern Conference offensive player of the year and led the Tigers to a 13-0 record and a Sugar Bowl victory. "As long as the ball gets there on time and it's where it's supposed to be, I don't think it's really a problem."

Virtually all of Campbell's previous coaches didn't bother to tinker with Campbell's motion. The exception was his quarterback coach during his freshman season at Auburn. But Campbell didn't feel comfortable with the alterations -- "it felt very weird" -- so he went back to his regular irregular form.

"They always say it comes out so fast that the windup really doesn't even matter," said Campbell, who noted that former NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham had a similar motion. "It's kind of like a golf swing."

The Returns Are In

Washington's defense had three starters back on the practice field. Defensive linemen Phillip Daniels and Cornelius Griffin and cornerback Shawn Springs all sat out Saturday's 28-10 loss to the Carolina Panthers as a precautionary measure. Cornerback Garnell Wilds also returned to practice after missing the game with a bruised thigh. . . .

Cornerback Walt Harris (strained calf) is expected to miss the next two practices. Offensive lineman Mark Wilson didn't practice because of a sprained lower back. . . .

Quarterback Patrick Ramsey got a chance to review film of his performance in Saturday's game. "Other than one throw, I felt like I had a solid game," he said, referring to an interception. "But that one throw was costly for us. So you can't deduct that in any way. I'm just going to try to avoid those mistakes." . . .

The Redskins waived offensive lineman Adrian Gonzalez.