Injured RF Mike Cameron expects to miss the rest of the Mets' season while he recovers from a violent collision with teammate Carlos Beltran.

Cameron said yesterday he was unable to breathe or talk for a few moments after colliding with Beltran in the outfield on Aug. 11 in San Diego.

"I don't remember too much," Cameron said in a telephone interview with a pool reporter.

"I was out of it for a minute. I couldn't breathe because I had blood coming out of my nose and my mouth at the same time. That was my main concern. Breathing, breathing. After that, I figured something was wrong because I couldn't really function that well."

Cameron said he still has headaches and half his face is numb.

"Everything is numb," he said.

"The worst has already happened and it's only going to get better from here."

Cameron said he remembered being wheeled off the field.

"I remember humming like a song or something in the ambulance. That kind of calmed me down."

* A. JONES PINCH-HITS: Braves CF Andruw Jones, who leads the majors in home runs, didn't start but was used as a pinch hitter. He flied out to center in the 10th.

* RARE ERROR: Pirates C Humberto Cota committed an unusual error in the seventh in Philadelphia when he picked up the ball with his mask.

The runner on second base was allowed to move to third.

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Mets' Mike Cameron was carted off the field earlier this month. "It's only going to get better from here," he said.