TalkBackers who have been obsessed all summer with the Nationals, with a wary eye on Mark Brunell's recent improvement, took a few moments to vent about Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens.

Okay, does old school mean leave out the facts and tell the story as you want it to be? Or does it get guys your age to nod their heads in agreement? I see similarities between you, President Bush and Vice President Cheney. You are jumping on Terrell Owens because he "outperformed" his contract? But the owners are quick to cut a player loose when he underperforms. So I hear a lot of you old dudes ask, "What's the point in having a contract?" I agree because the owners can always tear it up. Loyalty should be a two-way street.

Brian Scott, Woodbridge

Your comparisons leave me speechless, other than to point out that Owens has a contract that pays him nearly $50 million over seven years and he has behaved, in my view, like a spoiled brat and bad teammate.

In football you have 11 home games (counting two preseason games and a playoff game). Assume an average attendance of 75,000 fans a game -- adjust to the city. Assume every fan buys three beers per game. Assume each beer costs $6 and, therefore, each team earns about $15 million in beer sales each season (11 games times 75,000 fans times 3 beers per fan times $6 per beer).

If Terrell Owens wants an extra $5 million per season, then the Beer Index says that fans have to pay $2 more for each beer just to keep T.O. and his agent happy. The Fan Beer Index would ask, "Do Eagles fans want to pay $8 per beer instead of $6 for Terrell Owens's new contract?"

Stephen Ganote, Washington

Since leaving my economics for dummies class at U.-Florida in '62 a beaten man, I've been searching for something to replace Keynesian economics. Voila: The Beer Index.

I have a little disagreement with the criticism of Terrell Owens. NFL players sign a series of one-year contracts that the team may terminate at any time. My biggest complaint about the Owens coverage is the absence of contrast to Knicks Coach Larry Brown, who routinely breaks contracts with no criticism. Why the free ride for Larry?

Minor Carter, Annapolis

Brown's vagabond ways have come under media scrutiny and criticism, but nothing like the criticism of Owens.