Nationals 7W: Loaiza (8-9)

L: Benson (9-5)Mets 4


Nationals first: Church doubled. Vidro grounded out, Church to third. Johnson hit a sacrifice fly, Church scored. Guillen doubled. Wilson doubled, Guillen scored. Castilla singled, Wilson scored. Bennett singled, Castilla to second. Guzman doubled, Castilla and Bennett scored. Loaiza singled, Guzman scored. Church singled, Loaiza to third. Padilla pitching. Vidro flied out. Nationals, 6-0.

Nationals fifth: Wilson singled. Castilla singled, Wilson to second. Bennett singled, Wilson to third, Castilla to second. Guzman grounded into fielder's choice, Wilson out, Castilla to third, Bennett to second. Loaiza fouled out. Church walked, Castilla scored, Bennett to third, Guzman to second. Vidro grounded out.

Nationals, 7-0.

Mets fifth: Anderson singled. Castro struck out. Diaz singled, Anderson to second. Jacobs, pinch-hitting for Padilla, homered to right, Anderson and Diaz scored. Reyes grounded out. Cairo flied out. Nationals, 7-3.

Mets ninth: Offerman walked. Reyes safe on Cordero's error, Offerman to second. Cairo popped out. Beltran grounded into fielder's choice, Offerman to third, Reyes out. Floyd safe on Johnson's error, Offerman scored, Beltran to third. Wright struck out.

Nationals, 7-4.

WashingtonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals38713723 -- Church lf312120.300Vidro 2b500001.276NJohnson 1b400100.300JGuillen rf511001.300PrWilson cf512100.265Castilla 3b422101.246GBennett c413000.248CGuzman ss412200.194Loaiza p301100.204HCarrasco p000000---Eischen p000000.333Baerga ph100000.273Ayala p000000.333CCordero p000000---New YorkABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals37483412 -- Reyes ss501002.275Cairo 2b500000.260Beltran cf400011.269Floyd lf400011.284Wright 3b502002.304MarAnderson 1b412000.271RCastro c300013.244Diaz rf412001.260Benson p000000.243JuPadilla p100001.000Jacobs ph1113001.00Graves p000000---KMatsui ph100001.223Heilman p000000.000Offerman ph010010.228Washington

600010000 -- 7132New York

000030001 -- 481 E: NJohnson (5), CCordero (2), Diaz (3). LOB: Washington 7, New York 10. 2B: Church (15), JGuillen (27), PrWilson (23), CGuzman 2 (10). HR: Jacobs (1), off Loaiza. RBI: Church (36), NJohnson (57), PrWilson (67), Castilla (54), CGuzman 2 (19), Loaiza (3), Jacobs 3 (3). SF: NJohnson. GIDP: Vidro, CGuzman.

DP: New York 2 (Cairo, Reyes and MarAnderson), (Heilman, Reyes and MarAnderson).

WashingtonIP HRERBBSONPERALoaiza, W6B73328973.66HCarrascoB0001052.47EischenB0000133.57Ayala1 10002142.55CCordero1 01011230.99New YorkIP HRERBBSONPERABenson, LC86600373.89JuPadilla4B41111532.25Graves2 10001136.63Heilman2 00011303.89 Inherited runners-scored: HCarrasco 2-0, Eischen 3-0, JuPadilla 2-0.

T: 2:57. A: 42,412 (57,369).