Nationals 5W: J. Patterson (8-4)

L: R. Ortiz (8-9)

S: C. Cordero (40)Reds 3


Nationals first: Church singled. Vidro struck out. Johnson doubled, Church to third. Guillen hit by a pitch. Wilson grounded out, 2B Aurilia to 1B Casey, Church scored, Johnson to third, Guillen to second. Schneider fouled out. Nationals, 1-0.

Reds fourth: F. Lopez singled. Aurilia doubled to left, F. Lopez scored. Griffey Jr. fouled out. Dunn walked. Casey grounded into a double play, Dunn out. Tied, 1-1.

Nationals fifth: Guillen homered to left. Wilson struck out. Schneider grounded out. Castilla flied out. Nationals, 2-1.

Nationals seventh: Vidro walked. Johnson flied out. Guillen singled, Vidro to second. Wilson grounded into fielder's choice, Vidro to third, Guillen out. Schneider singled to left, Vidro scored, Wilson to second. Castilla doubled to center, Wilson, Schneider scored. Carroll intentionally walked. Patterson grounded into fielder's choice, Carroll out. Nationals, 5-1.

Reds ninth: Casey struck out. Kearns doubled. Valentin homered to right, Kearns scored. Cordero pitching. Encarnacion struck out. Pena pinch-hitting for Coffey, struck out. Nationals, 5-3.

CincinnatiABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals343103110 -- FLopez ss413000.290Aurilia 2b401102.279Griffey Jr. cf401000.294Dunn lf300011.252Casey 1b401002.318Kearns rf312000.245Valentin c412200.286EEncarnacion 3b400002.245ROrtiz p200001.098JaCruz ph100001.226Standridge p000000---Coffey p000000.000WPena ph100001.266WashingtonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3259544 -- Church lf311010.295Vidro 2b411011.271NJohnson 1b501000.298JGuillen rf312101.302PrWilson cf411101.263Schneider c411100.288Castilla 3b401201.248Carroll ss200020.238JoPatterson p301000.067CCordero p000000---Cincinnati

000100002 -- 3100Washington

10001030x -- 591 E: JGuillen (7). LOB: Cincinnati 6, Washington 10. 2B: Aurilia (15), Kearns (18), NJohnson (29), PrWilson (24), Castilla (31), JoPatterson (2). HR: Valentin (11), off JoPatterson; JGuillen (23), off ROrtiz. RBI: Aurilia (53), Valentin 2 (37), JGuillen (67), PrWilson (68), Schneider (39), Castilla 2 (57). CS: FLopez 2 (6). S: JoPatterson. GIDP: Casey.

DP: Washington 1 (Vidro, Carroll and NJohnson).

CincinnatiIP HRERBBSONPERAROrtiz, L6 62224975.33Standridge1 33320203.86Coffey1 0000074.91WashingtonIP HRERBBSONPERAJoPatterson, W8B1033181182.43CCordero, SC0000270.98 IBB: off Standridge (Carroll) 1. HBP: by JoPatterson (Kearns), by ROrtiz (Church), by ROrtiz (JGuillen).

T: 2:35. A: 32,641 (45,250).