At least one TalkBacker is making a plea for sanity during Redskins games at FedEx Field, where the loud and garish seem to disguise the occasion: the playing of a professional football game.

The pregame hype at Daniel Snyder's Redskins games is unbearable. The constant loud music, bellowing PA announcer and fireworks has made going to Redskins games a joyless affair. The Redskins are bad enough, but to put up with this Vegas-like glitzfest is too much. I will not be renewing my tickets for 2006. The music choices are mind-numbing. Who does Dan Snyder think he is appealing to with all this appalling pageantry?

Dave Stout, Sterling

Dave, my man: I agree with your comments 100 percent. But I'm willing to wager a dollar when the all-too-defensive Redskins management folks read this letter, they might want to bounce you now rather than wait for your self-imposed exit in a year. Better keep in touch.

A recent article about Cristian Guzman's season-long slump was certainly revealing. In the Nationals' inaugural season, watching Guzman at the plate is akin to a train wreck -- you can't bear to look, nor can you look away. But while Guzman's struggles have tested even the most patient of Nationals fans, I must say I found it ridiculous that some are protesting his spot in the starting lineup by refusing to go to any more games until he is benched. Give me a break. This is a team -- Guzman included -- that plays its heart out every night. The Nats still have a chance for the playoffs, something none of us could've imagined when the season started.

Rob Thornmeyer, Washington

Rob, my man: I agree with your comments 100 percent.

Why doesn't an enterprising agent like Drew Rosenhaus have a client sign a one-year deal? If the athlete outperforms his contract, he can move on to the next team the following year. Pretty soon, the players would have the upper hand. Then, for competitive reasons, some owner would sign a player to a multiyear, guaranteed contract.

Jack Hofbauer, Alexandria

Under the current collective bargaining agreement, a player can become a restricted free agent after three years and an unrestrictive free agent after four years. But teams are not likely to pay a big signing bonus to a player for a one-year deal. Still, your idea is interesting.