Brothers, football fans, songwriters and moderately well-known country music performers Brad and Brett Warren have made a career out of mocking their near-celebrity. (Although in fairness, the duo has written songs for Lynyrd Skynyrd and Tim McGraw and is currently touring with Brooks & Dunn and Big & Rich.) The second season of their reality show, "Barely Famous: The Warren Brothers," concluded last week on Country Music Television; the brothers' latest album, "Barely Famous Hits," was also released this month. This is Brad, by the way:

College or pro football?

Pro football, Tampa Buccaneers since '76. We lived through the orange.

See, I figured you'd like college more because some of those guys are barely famous.

We aspire, though. I am a Florida State fan. I hated Steve Spurrier. My cousins were Gator fans and they were a bunch of preppy guys and we were rock and roll musicians, so I guess we just picked the other team by default. I love Bobby Bowden, hate Steve Spurrier.

Why do you love Bowden?

He's a good ol' boy, he's like your grandfather. You want to sit on his lap and have him draw up a play for you. It's kind of obvious lately he's losing his mind -- he's got that glazed-over look like he's not sure the game started yet -- but he's like the George Bush of coaching: He hires good people.

Who's the best player on the Buccaneers I've never heard of?

I don't know that you've never heard of, but we've got guys like Ronde Barber; outside of being on that big-name defense, he would have made the Pro Bowl every year if four other guys from the same team hadn't made the Pro Bowl. Under [Tony] Dungy the whole defense should have made the Pro Bowl. I don't research the scrubs just because I happen to be one in the music business. I still want to win.

What do you think about Jon Gruden?

I loved Gruden early, and I don't like him right now. I don't recognize the team any more. There's no more [Warren] Sapp, no more [John] Lynch, the defense is mediocre and the offense isn't really better.

You played at John Lynch's goodbye party, right? Was that one of your better shows?

No, it was horrible. We played in a parking lot to say goodbye to a football player, and the other guys, the guys in the NFL don't really like country music or Southern rock. They're cool as hell guys, we had a ball with them, but it's obvious. We're not real twangy, we don't wear straw hats and say 'Aw shucks' after every song, but they weren't poppin' to it.

What about the Bucs this year, what do you expect?

Very little. Our drummer actually is a Dolphins fan, and we say we're in a race to the bottom.

If you could be anybody in pro sports, who would it be?

I mean, I hate golf, but I guess it'd be Tiger Woods because I'd still be able to walk when I get old. I want to watch Dan Marino, but I wouldn't want to be him.

Tiger Woods is totally famous. That wouldn't bother you?

Nah, we're around fame a lot. It's all how you handle it. It wouldn't bother me to be Tiger Woods -- he's got a really hot wife and his sport is really easy.

-- Dan Steinberg