Athletics 10W: Calero (3-1)

L: Julio (3-4)Orioles 5

(12 innings)


Athletics first: Kendall flied out. Ellis struck out. Chavez walked. Payton homered to center, Chavez scored. Hatteberg walked. Kielty popped out. Athletics, 2-0.

Orioles fifth: Newhan flied out. Fasano walked. Roberts singled, Fasano to third. Roberts to second on the throw. Mora doubled, Fasano and Roberts scored. Tejada struck out. J. Lopez singled, Mora scored. Rincon pitching. Surhoff flied out. Orioles, 3-2.

Athletics sixth: Chavez struck out. Payton fouled out. Hatteberg singled. Kielty walked, Hatteberg to second. D. Johnson hit a three-run homer to right. Swisher struck out. Athletics, 5-3.

Orioles sixth: Gibbons homered to right. Freire walked. Newhan sacrificed Freire to second. Witasick pitching. Fasano grounded out, Freire to third. Roberts lined out. Athletics, 5-4.

Orioles seventh: Mora struck out. Tejada grounded out. J. Lopez walked. Surhoff doubled, J. Lopez scored. Duchscherer pitching. Gibbons popped out. Tied, 5-5.

Athletics 12th: D. Johnson safe at third on Byrnes's error. Swisher hit a two-run homer to right. Scutaro singled, then stole second. Kendall singled, Scutaro to third. Ellis hit a three-run homer to left. Kline pitching. Chavez flied out. Payton fouled out. Hatteberg struck out. Athletics, 10-5.

OaklandABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals4610910412 -- Kendall c611001.260MEllis 2b511312.305EChavez 3b510013.278Payton cf611201.279Hatteberg dh511011.269Kielty lf410011.262DJohnson 1b522300.307Swisher rf512201.248Scutaro ss511002.247BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals4259576 -- BRoberts 2b511010.311Mora 3b511211.281Tejada ss600003.311JvLopez dh512111.291Surhoff lf401100.262Byrnes pr-lf100010.257Gibbons rf-1b612100.259Freire 1b302010.333Matos pr-cf100000.294Newhan cf-rf200010.209Fasano c410011.248Oakland

200003000005 -- 1091Baltimore

000031100000 -- 591 E: Duchscherer (2), Byrnes (5). LOB: Oakland 4, Baltimore 10. 2B: Mora (24), Surhoff (10), Freire (2). HR: MEllis (8), off Julio; Swisher (17), off Julio; Gibbons (18), off RRincon; DJohnson (12), off Bedard; Payton (17), off Bedard. RBI: MEllis 3 (40), Payton 2 (56), DJohnson 3 (43), Swisher 2 (63), Mora 2 (62), JvLopez (37), Surhoff (25), Gibbons (56). SB: Scutaro (4). CS: Mora (4). S: Newhan 2. GIDP: Fasano.

DP: Oakland 2 (Kendall and MEllis), (Scutaro and DJohnson).

OaklandIP HRERBBSONPERASaarloos4C53343893.98RRinconC11110105.10Witasick1B11111173.38Duchscherer2 20001251.77Street1B00010181.25Calero, W2 00001233.61BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERABedard6 555361103.42Ray1 00012182.51Williams1 0000093.48BRyan2 00003312.67Julio, L1 45400265.55Kline1 0000194.58 Julio pitched to 5 batters in the 12th.

Inherited runners-scored: RRincon 1-0, Witasick 1-0, Duchscherer 1-0, Street 1-0.

T: 3:44. A: 18,287 (48,290).