Study both rosters and you are tempted to say the streak of five straight Sooners victories ends Oct. 8 in Dallas. But think it over again and pause before answering. Imagine being Texas Coach Mack Brown, who has encountered his version of Groundhog Day one Saturday each October this decade.

In 2004, Brown after a 12-0 loss: "I'm really proud of the effort my guys gave. And they made some plays. They just didn't make enough inside the 30."

In 2003, Brown after a 65-13 loss: "When you get beat this badly, you as a coach have done something wrong. I have to go back and look at me."

In 2002, Brown after a 35-24 loss: "We can't sit around and feel sorry for ourselves. . . . We lost this game last year and had a chance to play for the national championship."

In 2001, Brown after a 14-3 loss: "There were two defenses that played great games out there. The only thing was they forced turnovers and we didn't."

In 2000, Brown after a 63-14 loss: "This is embarrassing to me. It's frustrating. I did a poor job. Nobody can screw it up as bad as I did today."