Rex Bradford is a top student and a key player for the Brooke Point football team, but the Black-Hawks senior still manages to find time during the day to tinker with his car.

"I'd say that four or five days a week, I'm out there working on my car," Bradford said. "If there's still light out when I get home, I figure I've got time to work on it then."

The 6-foot-1, 195-pound senior is one of the key players back for the Black-Hawks, who are trying to move into the upper echelon of the Virginia AAA Commonwealth District, which has produced the past three state runners-up in Division 5. One of the top linebackers in the district, Bradford is also an A student, with college ambitions. But his passion for cars, well, it drives him.

When he's not on the field or doing his schoolwork, Bradford puts his time into his own car -- a 1997 Ford Explorer. After he started driving, his interest in cars developed quickly, as he found one thing to tweak on his car followed by another. Eventually, Bradford became engrossed in cars, and he installed a new sound and security system in his Explorer while occasionally offering help to his friends.

Bradford believes his work under the hood is related to his success on the field and in the classroom, since success at each activity requires a careful attention to detail.

"With school or football, you have to have a high level of concentration to be successful," Bradford said. "If you can't concentrate on what you're doing in a car it can be really dangerous, so you have to have a high level of concentration with cars, too."

Senior Rex Bradford, a top student and a key player, still finds time to work on his 1997 Ford Explorer.