If living up to older brother Michael Vick, the former Tech all-American and current Atlanta Falcons quarterback, wasn't enough, Marcus Vick has the unenviable task of replacing Randall, who was the ACC player of the year in 2004 after leading the Hokies to the conference title in their first season in the league.

Vick hasn't played in a college football game in more than 20 months after serving a university-imposed suspension last season. But he didn't show much rust during Tech's preseason camp and seems to have regained the confidence and trust of his teammates.

Fortunately for Vick, he'll be surrounded by an abundance of quality skill players. If the offensive line gives Vick enough time to stand in the pocket, he has enough arm strength to improve Tech's downfield passing game. His elusiveness will take some pressure off the linemen, and he'll run very well on quarterback keepers and draws.

At least early on, Vick must avoid too much improvising and trying to do too much on his own. Eliminating mistakes and running Tech's offense as efficiently as Randall did will be the keys for Vick.

Marcus Vick hasn't played a college football game in more than 20 months.