Mount Hebron senior defensive end Aaron Maybin is best known for throwing his body at ballcarriers, but on Sunday mornings he tries to hit something else: notes.

At the Transformation Church of Jesus Christ in Baltimore, Maybin, a tenor, belts out tunes such as "Thank You" and "Lord, You Were Good" with the 40-member youth choir during three-hour services.

"Football and singing are on two totally different ends of the spectrum," he said. "But they both have something in common because they both give me a such a release. I also think my spiritual side and my football side make up a big part of me."

Maybin, 17, has been involved in the choir for the past dozen years, since his father, Michael, who helps conduct services, introduced him to singing to keep him focused.

"I was always running around," Maybin said. "So I think my father brought me onstage to keep an eye on me."

Whether he's wearing his No. 11 jersey on the field or his favorite black suit with white pinstripes at church, Maybin is easy to spot. He's 6 feet 4, a chiseled 220 pounds and in constant motion, whether he's swaying to a song's rhythm or pursuing the football.

"He's doesn't do too bad up there signing, but he's very focused and intense," said Bishop Monroe R. Saunders Jr., the church's pastor. "I think every young person at our church looks to him as an example because even though he's a great football player, he's grounded and using his relationship with God to find balance in his life."

Maybin said he plans to devote more time to singing this fall. He wasn't able to perform during the summer because he spent weekends making unofficial visits to several of the more than 15 colleges that have offered him scholarships, including Penn State, Virginia Tech, Miami, Maryland and Virginia.

"I need to show God some gratitude for all he has allowed me to do," said Maybin, who had 80 tackles and nine sacks last season. "Who would have thought that when I came in high school that by my senior year I'd have all these colleges recruiting me and giving me so much attention? I want to make sure that I stay humble."

Aaron Maybin sings on Sunday mornings at the Transformation Church of Jesus Christ in Baltimore.