Red Sox 7, Orioles 6W: Clement (13-3); L: Bedard (6-6); S: Timlin (6)


Orioles third: Matos was hit by a pitch. On Clement's wild pitch, Matos to second. On Varitek's passed ball, Matos to third. Roberts hit a sacrifice fly, Matos scored. Castro grounded out. Mora flied out. Orioles, 1-0.

Red Sox third: Kapler doubled. Damon grounded out, Kapler to third. Renteria hit a sacrifice fly, Kapler scored. Ortiz singled. M.Ramirez lined out. Tied, 1-1.

Orioles fourth: Tejada doubled. Gibbons safe on M.Ramirez's error. J.Lopez singled, Tejada scored, Gibbons to second. On Damon's error, Gibbons scored, J.Lopez to second. Surhoff grounded out, J.Lopez to third. Byrnes grounded out. Matos grounded out. Orioles, 3-1.

Red Sox fourth: Varitek walked. Millar homered to left, Varitek scored. Youkilis lined out. Mueller flied out. Kapler grounded out.Tied, 3-3.

Red Sox fifth: Damon infield single. Renteria singled, Damon to second. Ortiz flied out, Damon to third. M.Ramirez singled, Damon scored, Renteria to third. Varitek walked, M.Ramirez to second. Julio pitching. On Julio's wild pitch, Renteria scored, M.Ramirez to third, Varitek to second. Millar grounded out, M.Ramirez scored. On Julio's wild pitch, Varitek to third. Youkilis struck out. Red Sox, 6-3.

Orioles sixth: Tejada struck out. Gibbons homered to right. J.Lopez fouled out. Surhoff struck out. Red Sox, 6-4.

Red Sox seventh: Renteria grounded out. Ortiz homered to center. M.Ramirez grounded out. Varitek struck out. Red Sox, 7-4.

Orioles ninth: Surhoff singled. Byrnes struck out. Matos safe on Renteria's error, Surhoff to second. Roberts doubled, Surhoff scored, Matos to third. Newhan pinch-hitting for Castro, walked. Mora hit a sacrifice fly, Matos scored, Roberts to third. Tejada flied out. Red Sox, 7-6.

BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3468535 -- BRoberts 2b302210.312BCastro dh400000.200Newhan ph000010.205Mora 3b400101.278Tejada ss512002.314Gibbons rf422100.268JvLopez c401100.291Surhoff 1b411001.261Byrnes lf400001.254Matos cf220010.291BostonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3079645 -- Damon cf411000.322Renteria ss312100.288DOrtiz dh312110.293MRamirez lf411100.288Varitek c210022.299Millar 1b411300.276Olerud 1b000000.325Youkilis 2b200011.279Machado 2b100000.000Mueller 3b401001.296Kapler rf311001.250Baltimore

001201002 -- 680Boston

00123010x -- 793 E: Damon (5), Renteria (24), MRamirez (6). LOB: Baltimore 7, Boston 4. 2B: BRoberts (38), Tejada (44), Kapler (6). HR: DOrtiz (37), off Julio; Gibbons (21), off Clement; Millar (8), off Bedard. RBI: BRoberts 2 (66), Mora (66), Gibbons (61), JvLopez (38), Renteria (57), DOrtiz (119), MRamirez (116), Millar 3 (48). CS: BRoberts (7), Youkilis (1). SF: BRoberts, Mora, Renteria. GIDP: Damon.

DP: Baltimore 2 (JvLopez, Tejada, Surhoff and BRoberts), (BRoberts, Tejada and Surhoff).

BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERABedard, L4B76642933.76Julio2C21103385.46Grimsley1 00000147.47BostonIP HRERBBSONPERAClement, W8 642241104.17Timlin, S1 22011261.93 Inherited runners-scored: Julio 3-2.

HBP: by Clement (Matos). WP: Julio 2, Clement. PB: Varitek.

T: 3:03. A: 35,142 (35,095).