TalkBackers have the pleasure of watching the Nats in a September playoff drive, the start of the college football season and the Redskins preparing for the season.

Before the Nationals officially arrived I wrote "TalkBack" regarding my reluctance to accept a "step-team" as a replacement for the Senators who ran off to Minnesota in 1960.

I've now been to two Nationals games and have a couple of observations: RFK looks pretty good inside and out -- better than I had been led to believe. It's comfortable and easy to get in and out.

Next, I've grown fond of this team for its ability to stay in the wild-card hunt for so long when there seemed to be so many reasons that it would not even be competitive. What won me over was the sight of Jose Guillen running full-out to first last week on what looked to be a foul ball, but instead turned into a hit. How many other major leaguers would have extended that kind of effort?

Larry McClemons, Annandale

Most fans agree with you, Larry, except many have been denied the opportunity to see this team because Comcast SportsNet and the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network could not reach a compromise to serve more fans.

The fact that the head football coaches at Virginia Tech, Virginia and Maryland make millions makes me wonder:

Are not all of these state-supported institutions (by both their respective state governments and the federal government) that receive millions in taxpayer money?

Assuming this is accurate, why should any employee of a taxpayer funded institution be allowed to make a salary greater than the highest-paid federal official (i.e., the president of the United States)?

Lee Friedman, Daytona Beach Shores, Fla.

The million dollar-plus salaries and outside income come from athletic departments that operate independently from the universities. As for coaches making more than the president, I'll refer to a statement made by Babe Ruth more than 70 years ago: "I had a better year."

I am amazed that Dan Snyder and his minions don't allow the fans at FedEx Field to see any replays of Redskins' miscues or great plays by the opposing team. Filtering out plays that are adverse to the home team is bush league.

Alan Malasky, Bethesda

Alan, if you delete the bad stuff, you might be able to convince your fans you've won 'em all.