Regena "Mama Gena" Thomashauer is a relationship expert and the host of "Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts," a Mag Rack on-demand television series that offers guidance to "Sister Goddesses" on flirting, dating and discovering "the power of pleasure." She's also a Philadelphia native and an Eagles fan. So naturally, we asked her how T.O. and Donovan McNabb could repair their relationship.

I'm not sure about repairing. I think you lose publicity if you repair a friendship. I think they want to make it worse, actually, because then more people will pay more attention. Owens, he's definitely behaving very badly. And my theory about him is there is no woman in his life who is taking control of him and organizing him so he does not make a fool of himself. I swear, if he just had a kick-[butt], fabulous, take-control kind of woman he would not be making such a total fool of himself. He's a man running dangerously amok because he has not had a woman to civilize him.

This woman you're talking about, is that a Sister Goddess?

For sure, a Sister Goddess, for sure.

I don't even know what that means.

A Sister Goddess is a woman who has her way with the world, including the world of men. She's a woman who knows what she wants and she's a woman who gets what she wants.

You've probably written about fantasies, right? What do you think about fantasy football?

Like having an entire football team in my bedroom? I've had that fantasy, absolutely.

[Explanation of fantasy football]

Oh, so it's not a sexual fantasy? That would be my kind of sport. . . . So you pick, like, an imaginary team? Let's say you would pick the hottest players? That's probably not how you would do it. The most skilled players?


And then you would have a fantasy about them being on your team? This is so kinky. Michael Westbrook, he is a very cute running back.

Brian Westbrook.

Oh, Brian Westbrook, he would be on my fantasy football team, and Donovan also. But I would probably go across all sports, get that guy Rafael [Nadal], that tennis guy. We haven't talked about hockey or the Flyers, but Peter Forsberg: cute. Or that new guy, how exciting, Sidney Crosby. I am a hockey fan, I don't care what team is playing but I like sort of the revenge, the blood, the outrageous violence. I think it's just amazing that that's allowed to happen in this day and age. And baseball, even in baseball there's cute ones.

That's fine.

Do you ever have a chance to meet them and tell them, 'You're on my fantasy football team?'

No, I haven't done that.

I wonder what their response would be, if they would hold you in higher esteem or if they would run from you at the cocktail party.

So when my players score am I experiencing the power of pleasure?

Yes, yes, yes. Pleasure takes every form. Of course it's going to include sensual pleasure but there's other pleasures, like a great glass of wine or a sunrise or when your team wins in the playoffs. All those things are pleasures, anything that turns you on and makes you feel alive and flushed and throbbing and thrilled and excited to be you. And sports does that.

-- Dan Steinberg