As I write this, it's early Thursday afternoon, and guess what? I'm thrilled that there will be an NFL game tonight. And to anyone who doesn't share my enthusiasm, I say this: I'm clearly a bigger fan of the NFL than you. You may like the NFL, you may love the NFL, you may even have acquired one of the those "Vote for Pedro" T-shirts simply so you could cross out "Pedro" and scribble in "Paul Tagliabue." But you're obviously not the fan I am.

See, for me the NFL season just can't come soon enough. So if it comes sooner than three days from now, well, that's just dandy. Plus, for me the beginning of the NFL season is a major event, the advent of a glorious (albeit, for us Jets fans, ultimately spirit-crushing) five-month journey, filled with John Facenda's stentorian voice intoning over that "What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor" tune. So if the league wants to treat it like a major event as well, complete with a showcase night featuring major musical acts -- which, by the way, nobody's putting a gun to your head to watch -- that's fine, too.

Just bring on the freakin' football!

-- Desmond Bieler