Braves 9W: Mcbride (1-0)

L: C. Cordero (2-4)

S: Farnsworth (6)Nationals 7


Braves first: Furcal walked. Giles was hit by a pitch, Furcal to second. C. Jones doubled, Furcal scored, Giles to third. A. Jones was intentionally walked, loading the bases. LaRoche hit a sacrifice fly, Giles scored. Francoeur flied out. Langerhans struck out. Braves, 2-0.

Braves third: C. Jones grounded out. A.Jones homered to left. LaRoche struck out. Francoeur lined out. Braves, 3-0.

Braves fourth: Langerhans singled. McCann singled, Langerhans to second. Smoltz sacrificed, runners advanced. Furcal hit a sacrifice fly, Langerhans scored. Giles doubled, McCann scored. Rauch pitching. C. Jones struck out. Braves, 5-0.

Braves sixth: Langerhans grounded out. McCann singled. Smoltz sacrificed McCann to second. Furcal safe on Short's error, McCann scored. Giles grounded out. Braves, 6-0.

Nationals sixth: Kelly, pinch-hitting for Stanton, struck out. Wilkerson flied out. Short homered to left. Johnson homered to center. Guillen struck out. Braves, 6-2.

Nationals eighth: Guzman walked. Byrd, pinch-hitting for Majewski, walked, Guzman to second. Foster pitching. Wilkerson singled, Guzman scored, Byrd to third. Short was hit by a pitch, loading the bases. Johnson reached on an infield single to first, Byrd and Wilkerson scored, Short to second. Reitsma pitching. Guillen flied out, Short to third. Church hit a sacrifice fly, Short scored, Johnson to second. Zimmerman singled, Johnson scored. McBride pitching. Schneider struck out. Nationals, 7-6.

Braves ninth: Franco singled. Orr pinch-running for Franco. Furcal flied out. Giles flied out. C. Jones hit a two-run homer to center. A. Jones homered to left. Hollandsworth, pinch-hitting for McBride, flied out. Braves, 9-7.

AtlantaABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3399838 -- Furcal ss210120.279MGiles 2b411101.299CJones 3b512301.308AJones cf422210.275LaRoche 1b300102.243Reitsma p000000.000Mcbride p000000---Hollandsworth ph-1b100000.246Francoeur rf400000.325Langerhans lf411002.253McCann c422001.269Smoltz p100001.154Boyer p000000---Foster p000000---JuFranco 1b101000.284Orr pr010000.285Farnsworth p000000---WashingtonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3276738 -- Wilkerson cf511101.251Short 2b321100.333Carroll 2b000000.247NJohnson 1b422300.289JGuillen rf300011.295Church lf300101.296Zimmerman 3b402101.333Schneider c400002.267CGuzman ss310010.200Bergmann p000000.333Hughes p000000---Watson ph100000.214Halama p000000.250Rauch p000000.000Stanton p000000---KKelly ph100001.364Rasner p000000---Majewski p000000.000Byrd ph010010.264CCordero p000000---Baerga ph100001.255Atlanta

201201003 -- 990Washington

000002050 -- 761 E: Short (1). LOB: Atlanta 5, Washington 3. 2B: MGiles (43), CJones (29), Zimmerman (3). HR: CJones (17), off CCordero; NJohnson (13), off Smoltz; Short (2), off Smoltz; AJones 2 (49), off CCordero, Hughes. RBI: Furcal (54), MGiles (53), CJones 3 (62), AJones 2 (121), LaRoche (68), Wilkerson (53), Short (3), NJohnson 3 (62), Church (37), Zimmerman (2). SB: Furcal (40). S: Smoltz 2. SF: Furcal, LaRoche, Church.

AtlantaIP HRERBBSONPERASmoltz7 32215742.95Boyer0 02220112.34Foster0 23300114.35ReitsmaC10000113.97Mcbride, WB0000134.70Farnsworth, S1 00002101.00WashingtonIP HRERBBSONPERABergmann2 12233493.09Hughes1 11101102.89HalamaC32200165.30Rauch1B00002163.98Stanton1 11000184.30Rasner1 00000135.79Majewski1 00002122.84CCordero, L1 33300191.65 Boyer pitched to 2 batters in the 8th, Foster pitched to 3 batters in the 8th.

Inherited runners-scored: Reitsma 2-2, Mcbride 1-0, Foster 2-2, Rauch 1-0.

IBB: off Bergmann (AJones) 1. HBP: by Foster (Short), by Bergmann (MGiles).

T: 2:52. A: 31,834 (45,250).