Mountain View High in Stafford, which opened its doors last week, hosted its first varsity football game Friday night against Freedom-Woodbridge. Athletic Director Chris Courtney talks about how the night -- which ended in a 28-3 loss for the home team -- went. The Wildcats will be home again this week against Riverbend.

How would you sum up the night?

Absolutely electrifying. Our whole side of the home bleachers was filled. The excitement was there. . . . At one point during the game I walked across the field and just looked up into our bleachers and to see the band there playing and the cheerleaders on the sideline and everyone wearing orange and maroon, it was really nice.

What was the official turnout?

Oh, I would estimate anywhere between 2,000 and 2,500. And that's what I had been hoping for. . . . We had a tailgate celebration in the school parking lot from 4:30 to 6:30 and it just flowed right down from there. We had people lining up to get in the gate at 6:30 for a 7:30 game.

Were there any glitches?

Well, we did a flag ceremony on the field because we still don't have our flag poles up yet. But everything else went well. The field was fine and was painted up. We got our communication system in place at 4 p.m. that afternoon. The goal post pads came in the day before the game. The sideline markers came in the day of. Everyone kept saying 'Don't worry, it'll get there.' But of course I was worried -- that's human nature. But it all worked out.

Our only real problem was with the plumbing in the field house. We had to let people go back up to the building to use the restrooms, but as big of a glitch as you think that might be, it actually went very smoothly. And we've been working out there for two days now to get it fixed for Friday.

Will you do anything different this week?

We're going to do that same sort of thing and hope the community comes back out. It's supposed to be a beautiful night. If I can pull it off for two weeks in a row I'd be ecstatic. . . . I will take a win, though.

-- Angela Watts