Apparently, Brendan Witt desires to be traded away from the gulag that he perceives the Washington Capitals to be. Though we have plenty of evidence that dog teams can surprise you and go from losers to winners overnight -- like the Washington Nationals did this summer, like Les Boulez did this past season, and like a million NFL teams have recently done, beginning with the Patriots of a few years ago -- Witt is convinced that the Capitals are going nowhere. And Witt wants to go somewhere. "They are rebuilding," Witt said of the Caps. "I just don't want to be involved in that."

Not all the Capitals' veterans feel that way. Their grand goaltender Olie Kolzig, for example, wants to stay and prove wrong the people who say the Caps will stink. But it's completely understandable that a multi-time all-star like The Witter would want to cap off his glorious career with a winner.

What's that? You say Witt has never played in an all-star game in his entire nine-year career? Hold it. You mean he's not Ray Bourque chasing down that Stanley Cup dream after 20 seasons? He's not even Ray Romano? Or Ray's Original Famous Pizza?

What did I miss? What exactly has Brendan Witt ever won that folks should move heaven and earth to get him to a contender?

The Caps will be fine without him.

Goodbye. Good luck. Get out.

Unlike goaltender Olie Kolzig, the Capitals' Brendan Witt, right, doesn't want to be part of the team's rebuilding process.