Navy quarterback Lamar Owens spent several hours with a school physician Tuesday to determine why the senior has suffered cramps that have forced him to miss crucial stretches during the first two games of the season.

But after a physical examination and a series of blood tests didn't reveal any definitive answers, Owens is as frustrated as Coach Paul Johnson.

"I don't know why it is happening," said Owens, who is now taking a multi-vitamin. "All the tests came back fine. I haven't had cramps since I was playing in high school and then I was also playing defense. I don't know what's wrong now."

Against Maryland, Owens missed 10 minutes during the third quarter because of cramps throughout his body. Against Stanford, he missed the final 6:27 with leg cramps when his team was trailing, 41-31.

This season, Owens has completed 17 of 29 passes for 290 yards with two interceptions and a touchdown and has rushed for 130 yards on 29 carries. Navy (0-2) next plays Sept. 24 at Rice (0-1).

"Lamar is a guy who really wants to be out there and what's happening to him is clearly not something he can control," Johnson said. "Trust me, we wish we knew what was wrong so we could fix it. But right now, I'm concerned because he can't finish a game."

Junior Brian Hampton, the second-string quarterback, is concerned, too.

"It's tough to see Lamar having to go through this because you don't wish what Lamar is going through on anyone," said Hampton, who has become close friends with Owens. "I just have to make sure that I'm prepared for every game, which I am."

Johnson said he has no plans to remove Owens from games to give him a break.

"Right now, Lamar is the guy we're going with at quarterback," Johnson said. "We just have to find out what's wrong and why he's cramping up and fix it."

-- Jon Gallo