The Presidents Cup, which matches the best golfers from the United States against the best international (non-European) golfers, will take place this week at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville. (Leave early.) A chance to see Tiger and Phil and the guys compete against Vijay, Retief Goosen and Adam Scott gets my juices flowing. And Barry Bonds and the Giants come to Washington to play the Nats. Be still, my heart.

I have come to the realization that, as much as it goes against my soul, I must give Daniel Snyder and the Redskins' management credit for instituting a policy of giving game programs to (new) season ticket holders at every Redskins home game. And he hasn't raised season ticket prices in several years! Maybe he isn't so bad.

Donald S. Connors, Arlington

A compliment for Daniel Snyder? He'll faint.

How would you know anything about the horse racing business? You never cover it (see item in column, Sept. 11). It doesn't seem to bother you when the taxpayers pay for a football or baseball stadium, yet horse racing fans are expected to see their dollars go to state coffers.

You have never liked horse racing, so stay out of the debate. You know nothing about it and start with a huge negative bias.

As for the slots and the editorial in The Post that says ". . . turning the Free State into a gambling mecca and suffering the sleaze and social blight that would follow." Visit Charles Town and show me the sleaze and social blight.

Dick Knapp, Reston

Hey, wait a minute. I go to the races and like the game. Ask Andy Beyer. Nor do I have anything against sleaze.

What's the deal with the Nats not playing Rick Short more? I understand they are still in the chase for the wild-card spot so it's not time to start auditioning for next year, but they have pitiful offensive numbers and Short has shown for years he can produce at the plate, albeit at Class AAA.

Patrick Bogenberger, Arlington

I like Rick Short, as well, and maybe he'll get his chance next spring.

I have a question about baseball etiquette. Is it socially acceptable to attend an Orioles game wearing a Nationals shirt and cap?

Scott Warner, Hagerstown, Md.

Yes, as long as you also wear trousers. Neither the Nationals nor Orioles should deny any fan admission for wearing another team's hat or shirt.