Who's the luckiest man in town today? It's Ralph Friedgen. The Redskins are playing the Cowboys tonight, so nobody is focusing on the fact that Friedgen's Maryland Terrapins lost another home game -- getting drilled by West Virginia. (The second luckiest guy in town is Chad Cordero. When he gave up that Wild Card Killa grand salami it was past 1 a.m. in the East. By the time people heard about it, around noon yesterday, they were obsessing over their NFL fantasy league rosters, and Cordero skated.)

Friedgen, who seems to get a contract extension every time he wins a game, gets lucky because everybody in town is asking whether Brunell will bail out Gibbs, instead of asking, "Hey, is some sort of exorcism needed in College Park?"

The Terps have now played two games at home and one in Baltimore, for heaven's sake, and they're just 1-2. There is a technical term sports psychologists use to describe what's happening at Maryland: It's "a lousy start." And the Terps haven't played any of the good ACC teams yet.

Friedgen seems to be making a habit out of lousy starts: 0-2 in 2003 (including a loss to perennial Rose Bowl team Northern Illinois), 1-2 the year before that. (Maryland started 3-1 last year, but, come on, the three wins were Northern Illinois, Temple and Duke. The Terps subsequently lost their next three.) Generally, Friedgen brings them back strong, but who wants to end up in the Wal-Mart Bowl in Little Rock?

You know how the Terps brag about wearing Under Armour to protect their house (which by the way is turning into a gingerbread house). Maybe they'd better start wearing Body Armour in case people start throwing tomatoes at them.

Ralph Friedgen's Terrapins are off to a 1-2 start, with much better competition still coming their way.