They have lost games by 18 points and dropped some by two. They have been out of games in the first half and been half a minute from victory. But in the end, no matter the players or coaches, the Redskins lose in Dallas. For nine straight seasons that has been the case, and the Cowboys' hex is as strong as ever after last December's 13-10 win, when Washington was one play from victory and nursing a four-point lead. Most of the players on the Redskins have limited direct involvement in this fierce rivalry, but everyone in the organization knows the depths of this losing streak, its significance and the apparent mental block that has accompanied it. Getting over this hurdle will not be easy, particularly after the heartbreak of last year's loss.

Jeff Chandler's 57-yard field goal attempt on the last play fell short. Joey Galloway was steps ahead of Taylor Jacobs on a punt return.Danny Wuerffel, left, was a Redskin and Brandon Noble was a Cowboy. Gus Frerotte couldn't shake off Cowboys defenders often enough."The Playmaker," Michael Irvin, made one against Darrell Green.Deion Sanders exulted after a 70-yard punt return for a touchdown. Another quarterback, another sack: Greg Ellis wrapped up Jeff George.Marty Schottenheimer and Co. fell just short in a defensive struggle.Emmitt Smith soared over Leomont Evans and the Redskins, scoring three times in the first of the Cowboys' nine straight home wins in the rivalry.