The House Government Reform Committee's investigation of Rafael Palmeiro has led them to interview players who have worked out with the first baseman, according to a report by the Associated Press.

According to the report, which cited anonymous sources, investigators spoke with Colorado Rockies outfielder Jorge Piedra last week. Piedra, who was suspended for 10 days in April because of a positive steroid test result, worked out with Palmeiro in the offseason.

Several players have spoken to the committee. Other players, who were chosen because of their close relationship with Palmeiro, are to be interviewed as well.

The committee is looking into whether Palmeiro committed perjury when he testified in a congressional hearing in March that he had never used steroids. Palmeiro was suspended on Aug. 1 for testing positive for steroids.

Young Is Impressed

Before Monday's game, Walter Young, 25, took his camcorder to Monument Park at Yankee Stadium to record his first visit at the historic stadium.

"You hear about it and then you actually come here and get to see it, that is something that my dad would want to see so I'm taping it for him," Young said. "It's just great to see all those guys who paved the way. It gives you chills almost. That's what all the guys talk about, 'Have you been to Yankee Stadium?' To come here and actually be in the lineup -- I'm just looking forward to it." . . .

One costly error in Sunday's game won't deter interim manager Sam Perlozzo from putting Bernie Castro in the outfield again. Castro's error -- a misplay of a single with the bases loaded in the fourth -- in left field led to an unearned run in a 6-5 loss to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

"I think it's important for me to play there," said Castro, usually a second baseman. ". . . . The more positions I play, the better chance I have of being here."